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Cattington is a Mayor-ranked town located at  T44  Foobar. It is the main city of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington. It was founded on the same day the MRT Taiga Line extension opened to claiming. It has a simplistic but unique building style. It has plans to assimilate T43 via town auction. Almost all of its streets are named after famous scientists in real life. It is also home to the Epsilon Nature Preserve Committee. Cattington is also served by the CTA Cattington Monorail.

Quick Facts

Founder: Purrcat2010

Current Mayor: Purrcat2010

Deputy Mayor: LithiumMirnuriX

Rank: [Mayor]

Population: 5

Connections:  T44  Foobar, B813, B846

Town Hall Coordinates: -8941 , 64 , -7865

AZ Finder Coordinates: E5




Around 4,000 B.C, the Taigs had a civilization that lived in the area that is now Cattington, or Cattingtonia as historians call the geographic region that now contains Cattington and surrounding towns. They lived in settlements with the buildings carved into the numerous hills. They had both plant and animal agriculture. Also they had bronze age technology and traded with the people as far as what is now the NE Circle Line. We don't know much else about these people except that in 1,000 B.C, some people called the Irasiras came and colonized Taigia. All that we know is that they were deeply religious, built a mission near several key Taig settlements to convert them to an unknown religion, brought new technology like the wheel and iron tools, came from past The Northern Ocean, and were minor raiders. The two cultures merged with the Irasiras ruling the Taigs. All we know what happened next was that together, the Irasaigs as we have called this merged people established mission settlements as far as present-day Miasto. Eventually the Irasaig Empire fell because of some unknown reason.

The Establishment of the Kingdom of Cattington

In the early 1600s, only a few explorers had passed through Cattingtonia, about four of these explorers decided to live in the land of Cattingtonia. By 1690, the mixed-blood children of the native Cattingtonians and the these explorers that settled the area founded a kingdom ruled by the Mycoflor Dynasty.

So begins a list of past monarchs of the Kingdom of Cattington.

Historian's note: I would like to give credit to kiwirainbow, the former owner of the Mason City Wiki page, as my own fake monarch list's format is slightly based off his own.

Mycoflor Dynasty

In 1690, the first king of Cattington, in what is known as the Proclamation of 1690, created the Kingdom of Cattington. This king was called Bolet Mushet the Warrior, mainly because he rapidly conquered other kingdoms and rapidly expanded the Kingdom of Cattington, often it was he who led the attacks on neighboring kingdoms himself. It was during an attack on what is now Whitechapel that he died in battle. This custom would be repeated by his descendent, Amanit Mushet III.

King Bolet Mushet the Warrior

Consort:Queen Acaci Tre I of Cattington


Queen Acaci Tre I

Consort:Married to King Bolet until his passing, didn't remarry


King Moree Mushet II

Consort:Queen Beta Redbow of Whitechapel


King Aminit Mushet III

Consort:Queen Gamma Whitebow of Whitechapel


King Oaak Tre II

Consort:Queen Brocca Vegi I of Cattington


Queen Lepiot Mushet IV

Consorts:King Birc Tre III of Cattington(First husband, divorced),Prince Coppir Ite the Wise of Vegeta(Second husband)


Ore Dynasty

The last ruler of the Mycoflor Dynasty, Queen Lepiot Mushet IV, learned of the tensions between the Kingdom of Cattington and early Vegeta, it's neighbor. Therefore, she divorced her husband and remarried a prince from Vegeta to attempt to make peace. This was in vain, soon Vegata fought Cattington and defeated Cattington, Queen Lepiot then resigned from power and fled Cattington. The new Ore Dynasty monarchs from Vegeta married Cattington nobles to show that they were on good terms with their new vassal (subject state). Due to wars and kind of resigned nature of the Ore Dynasty, the Kingdom of Cattington lost all but it's closest colonies.

King Iro Ite I

Consort:Queen Carra Vegi II of Cattington


King Alumin Ite II

Consort:Queen Tomat Vegi III of Cattington


King Bron Ite the Great

Consort:Queen Sprucia Tre III of Cattington


King Stel Ite IV

Consort:Queen Pala Tre IV of Cattington


Cat Dynasty

Although the Vegetan Ore Dynasty tried it's best to stay on good terms with it's Cattingtonian subjects, some did not appreciate being controlled by a royal family that didn't even originate in Cattington. So through tense, yet overall peaceful negotiations, the Vegetans gave Cattington it's independence back. The Cat Dynasty then came to power, being distantly related to the Mycoflor Dynasty of old. It introduced Nordic Socialism, which caused it to be renamed to the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington, where it is today. The Cat Dynasty also brought a higher regard to the rights of it's people, making the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington more free. However, Cattington gave up it's remaining colonies save for the Lanayru Isles (colonized in 1740s), which became the kingdom’s only overseas territory to attain this happy state. The Cat Dynasty is the currently ruling dynasty of the (Socialist) Kingdom of Cattington.

King Hisi Cat I

Consort:Queen Spruci Tre V of Cattington


Queen Meow Cat the Great

Consort:King The Tre VI


King Purr Cat III



This section is a WIP.


Cattington has its roots with Purrcat2010 claiming T44 in mid-October on the same day the MRT Taiga Line Extension opened to claiming. The first build in Cattington was the town hall. Soon, Cattington became Councillor, with that came Purrcat2010's towns declaring independence from the MRT as the Lordom of Cattington. LithiuMirnuriX was soon chosen as Deputy Mayor, a role that they would also obtain in Miasto. In short order, Cattington got Mayor. It is currently going for [Senator] and has submitted two promotion requests that were horribly rejected, Cattington is currently almost done following the feedback given by the staff in the City Rank Feedback Sheets before it will submit a third promotion request.

News Board

This section serves as a place where current events in all of Purrcat2010's towns are posted, the in-game companion to this is the Cattington Newton Plaza News Board. Except that the latter is in Cattington news only. Both just show the headlines. The news is as follows:

Taiga Exchange renamed Jackson Polluck Transit Hub

Northwestward expansion of Cattington has begun

Construction on Taiga Exchange started

Wolf Peak auction request accepted

Cattington preparing for [Senator]


This section lists and describes all the current districts in Cattington.


Central district is the district closest to T44 in Cattington. It contains some of the oldest builds in Cattington, such as the town hall. This district also contains the main headquarters of Malachite Group and the under-construction Nature Protectors of the MRT HQ. Streets Include:

-Station Way

-Curie Street

-Newton Avenue


-Einstein Street (Shared with Northson)


Northson currently has 3 structures, and those include Jackson Polluck Transit Hub, an uninhabited house, and a recruitment center for the Epsilon Nature Preserve Committee. If both Austin and Wolf Peak are obtained through town auction, it could be the largest district in Cattington in terms of size and build count. It shares Einstein Street with Central District. Streets in Northson include:

-Einstein Street (Shared with Central)

Wolf Peak

Wolf Peak was merged with Cattington in the November 2017 GSM. It is now a district of Cattington. The B813 is being built to connect this district with the rest of Cattington. The CTA Moon Line and the CTA Sun Line are planned to serve the district. It will be home to a future A-Road, which will be known as A10. However, there is a fair chance that the A10 will not be proposed. In the likely event that the A10 isn’t proposed, Purrcat2010 is planning an A90 Extention. It will also be home to a spleef arena, an airfield, and when Purrcat2010 gets Governor, an airport. Which will be an upgrade of the airfield.