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The Pretzel selfie, taken by Spegit shortly after Pretzelfest began.

Pretzelfest was an event that began on August 31, 2022, and ended on September 30, 2022 that involved some players changing their name to "pretzel[number]" and skin to pretzel33's skin.


The event started at around August 31, 2022 on 2:30 PM UTC, when pretzel33 changed her name to pretzel34, followed by Zuoj, who changed to pretzel32. This was later followed by Spegit, transitmatt and RadiantRanger26.

Shortly after the participants decided to change their names, it confused everyone, even including staff. Because of that, SimonScholar announced that the participants can request to be nicknamed as their previous username in #announcements on the Discord at September 3. Two of the participants transitmatt and RadiantRanger26 later regretted their name changes as soon they changed their names.

In September 11, Lexi9076 enacted an "Eat All Pretzels" order in Lexburg in response to the confusion stemming from Pretzelfest.


Name Name changed to Put pretzel head on
pretzel33 pretzel34
Zuoj pretzel32
Spegit spegitzel30
transitmatt (MrMinecraft1423) pretzel31
RadiantRanger26 pretzel26
chimata Yes
Minecraft252 Yes
DDaniii_ Changed to dark pretzel skin
Crafterboi500 Yes