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OctTowns, formerly known as TriTowns and SixTowns is an area of towns around the F48 and F49 stations and F53 in Bristol Forest.


The first two towns in the area, Blootown and XjVille were founded in December 30, 2022.

In January 11, 2023, the area that would become TriTowns was formed when Bristol Forest chose to join the area.

At January 16, 2023, the area was renamed to SixTowns following the founding of Yonge, Northquarter and Zuojville. Later that day, it was renamed to OctTowns following the founding of FreskVille and Celebration in the area.

Today, Bristol Forest dosn't have that much activity with the other towns and is usually cut short on the border maps.


Town Rank Mayor
XjVille [Councillor] ThatBoiXj
Blootown [Councillor] BlooMinecraft
Bristol Forest [Mayor] Minecraft252
Zuojville [Unranked] Zuoj
Northquarter [Unranked] kingsnake
Yonge [Mayor] chimata
FreskVille [Unranked] DDaniii_
Celebration [Unranked] Spegit