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Deputy MayorZuoj
Town recognition
Date foundedJanuary 16, 2023
Date recognized as CouncillorJanuary 19, 2023
Date recognized as MayorJanuary 20, 2023
Town hall coordinates23321, 5555
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
Post code(s)YO3
Local transitCoconut Bus
No. of buildings30
Landmark(s)Harmony Park

Yonge is a town in Ward 3. It is part of the OctTowns area.


Before the founding, chimata had done major contributions to the original TriTowns area, such as Blootown and XjVille, helping them expand since these two towns were founded.

The town was founded when the TriTowns area was looking for new towns to expand, and Yonge was part of the expanded area. It was built on land leased from XjVille. Other towns built in the expanded area include Northquarter and Zuojville.

Yonge obtained Councillor with 2 endorsements from Foote_Chicken and __7d in January 19, 2023, becoming the second ranked town in OctTowns area and the first ranked town whose name starts with Y[a].

After 2 more blocks was built and the waterfront was developed, Yonge obtained Mayor with 2 endorsements from __7d and SimonScholar in January 20, 2023.

Following the development of all the land leased from XjVille, Yonge was submitted for Senator in January 28, 2023. Later in the same day, the seaplane port proposal for Yonge was approved and Yonge Heliport and Seaport was built, providing the first outside connections for Yonge and the OctTowns area.

In January 29, 2023, HarborRandom852 built a railway line going between Blootown and Yonge Seaport.

In February 10, 2023, Yonge was denied promotion to Senator in a 0-5 vote. The main issue in this vote was that there was not enough builds in the town. As a result, Yonge obtained the unused land from Zuojville and farms were built, and then expanded to the southeast.



  1. Techinally, Murrville was the first ranked town whose name starts with Y, as it was called Yiffville when it reached ranked status before the town had to be renamed.