MRT Forest Line

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MRT Forest Line
Forest Line logo.png
RouteCentral City to Atami via Marblegate
Number of stations60
Players involved
Main builderjust_robinho: Original section
just_robinho: Forest Line Extension ( F27  -  F41 )
jay_planner: FLEX2 ( F41  -  F58 )
Additional buildersthomasfyfe
StationMRT v5

The MRT Forest Line, or simply the Forest Line, is one of the 22 lines of the New World MRT System and one of the 11 initial New World MRT lines built in conjunction with the Gamma server update.


The Forest Line was one of the 11 initial lines built in New World. The initial section goes from Central City Northeast Terminal to Marblegate.

The Forest Line was first mentioned in the New World MRT plans in August 2014. The route it took according to the plan is Central City to southeastern corner with a hub shared with Plains and Southern Lines. However, this did not happen, although the terminal station was built and is still visible to this day despite not being in operation.

In Frumple's Epsilon MRT plans at the May 2017 GSM, about 5 months after Epsilon opened, the Forest Line would be extended directly into the east, where it will meet with a far east line, now called MRT Jungle Line. In the November 2017 GSM, just_robinho took up the construction of the Forest Line extension to the far east, and it opened in December 2017 GSM.

The southeast Zeta MRT plans by Frumple. Dotted lines indicate possible alignments. Forest Line is light blue and Southern Line is yellow.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at April 2020, the line would have extended to the east then it would turn at the eastern border in order to meet with Southern Line, with the terminal depending on which alignment Southern Line takes.

In January 2022, Kr4ka (called Krakabraka at this time) planned the extension of Forest Line to Atami. The extension was sponsored by AP_Red and submitted to the January 2022 ISM. However, it was rejected due to the proposer's lack of building large-scale projects, lack of towns that are of significant size and the fact the USE wanted to establish a no-claim zone, effectively allowing USE towns to claim stations beyond their 500 block radius. Staff were worried that this would create a precedent of an MPO asking for a server rule to be twisted.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at November 2022, it would be extended directly to the east to meet with MRT Union Line.

In October 2022 ISM, jay_planner proposed an extension of the line to Atami, sponsored by Missa_Solemnis. The project was mostly similar to that proposed by Kr4ka, although it followed a more straight route. It was approved and opened in January 20, 2023 after the form was closed.


The Forest Line runs from Central City to Atami, passing through numerous forest biomes at Ward 5 and Ward 4 and the USE. The current travel duration for the line's entire length is approximately 91 minutes.

Original section

The line begins at Central City NE Terminal, where you can transfer to MRT Expo Line, MRT Plains Line and MRT Valley Line. It briefly goes outside of Central City between FX and F0 stations, and the F0 station hosts the Central City Sightseeing Bus Terminal, built by HarborRandom852. The line then approaches F1 station in a viaduct, going across the F1 station structure. In Central City SE Terminal, at F1, the shared section with MRT Island Line and MRT Zephyr Line begins, with an additional transfer to MRT Mesa Line in Central City SE. In the shared section, MRT Forest Line and MRT Island Line run parallel together, with MRT Zephyr Line tracks being below the MRT Forest Line. The style in this section is like the early MRT lines built pre-Gamma; quartz bottoms with light blue wool lines going down the center and sides with redstone lamps placed along the way, with 3-high tunnels, and quartz columns placed, and torches along the sides in viaducts. At odd-numbered stations starting at F7 up to F27, the tracks diverge near the station, with the boarding area being in the center.

The lines then cross A0, leaving Central City and entering Royal Ferry. In Royal Ferry, the MRT Zephyr Line splits off from the section on the way to Segville just after F2 station, and at around F3 station where the lines crosses the mountains, MRT Forest Line and MRT Island Line take different routings, with MRT Forest Line platforms being located lower compared to MRT Island Line platforms in F3. After this station, the line then rises to be level with MRT Island Line, and this continues into Oakley, descending slightly, where MRT Forest Line turns to the east and MRT Island Line continues straight, going to Matheson and points beyond.

Upon passing through Oakley, A4 and a roofed forest biome, the line enters Dabecco. In Dabecco, the line runs underground after F8 station, running along Main Street. Then, the line passes through Loudoun, where a transfer is available to MRT Valley Line and San Reinoldi, where the line ascends above ground. It then passes through Thunderbird, where you can transfer to MRT Plains Line, and the line goes above Forest Line Street.

After leaving Thunderbird and passing Green Hills and Llamahill, the line enters Freedon. In Phos City at F20, a transfer to MRT Circle Line is available, then the line passes through Central and Edo Districts in Freedon. After passing through a swamp biome and Falcon City, the line enters Marblegate, passing through Surbiton, located at F25, and Easest at F26, where a transfer to MRT Eastern Line is available. THe line also stops at Marblegate Central, located F27 station, where you can transfer to various different services.

Forest Line Extension

While still in Marblegate, it stops at Old Rashford, at F28 station. The line then leaves Marblegate and crosses A4 again, before arriving at Bronte, where it parallels A4, going in a mostly straight shot across the forest and mountain biomes, and mostly on a viaduct. The style in this extension is similar to its original section. Across the extension, the line passes through Avondale, Northgate, Lakestead, Valhalla and Grisville.

After passing through Grisville Station at F40, the line then turns to the south to parallel with MRT Jungle Line, and a transfer to that line is available at F41 station, in Vancouver.

Forest Line Extension 2

After F41 station, the line turns to the east, ascending over MRT Jungle Line. The style in this extension is very similar to the original section and its extension, except with glass and wool sides in ground segments. The line passes through Oreland in a mountain biome, going under this town. Then, it passes through forest biomes, staying above ground until F46 station. At F45 station, a transfer to MRT Beach Line is available, then going underground passing through the roofed forest biome.

The line then goes above ground and enters the OctTowns area, passing through Blootown and XjVille. After the OctTowns area, it enters the USE territory, staying mostly on savannah biomes, and passing through Forestan before entering Savannastan, stopping at Felisburg at F51, then re-entering Forestan territory, stopping at Bristol Forest at F53 station. The line then parallels SEVR and USERail tracks up to F54 station, in Midbay.

In Midbay and Mariana, the line stays underground. In Santa Gloria, a transfer to MRT Union Line is available, with MRT Forest Line splitting into two halves to allow for a cross-platform transfer, as intended by the builder, {{u|jay_planner}.

In Lazona and Kyushu, the line remains relatively underground passing through Lazona, ascending before entering Kyushu, where the line finally terminates, in F58 station at Atami.


City Rank Mayor Stations
Royal Ferry [Senator] MIKE24DUDE  F2  Royal Ferry Paddington Station
 F3  Royal Ferry Waterloo Station
 F4  Royal Ferry Kensington (Olympia)
 F5  Oakley Euston
 F6  Foobar
Dabecco [Governor] Sirots  F8  Dabecco - Residential District
 F9  Dabecco - Central District
 F10  Dabecco - Government District
San Reinoldi [Governor] Camelicano  F12  San Reinoldi
 F13  San Reinoldi-Barop
Thunderbird [Governor] decorminecraft  F15  Thunderbird - RegionalConnect Arena
 F16  Thunderbird West
 F17  Thunderbird
Freedon [Governor] soso123  F20  Freedon - Phos City District
 F21  Freedon - Central District
 F22  Freedon - Edo District
Marblegate [Governor] just_robinho  F25  Foobar
 F26  Easest
 F27  Marblegate
 F28  Foobar


Frumple released a timelapse of the line when the server was in Minecraft 1.7.10.
MBS released a timelapse of the line as a part of its "Five Years Later" series.
MBN released a timelapse of the line in 2020.
Status Code Station name MRT connections
Central City
Dynmap Green Flag.png FX Northeast Terminal  XE1  MRT Expo Line
 P1  MRT Plains Line
 V1  MRT Valley Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F0 Ravenswood Avenue
Dynmap Green Flag.png F1 Southeast Terminal  MX  MRT Mesa Line
 I1  MRT Island Line
 ZS1  MRT Zephyr Line
 Ward 5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png F2 Royal Ferry Paddington Station  I2  MRT Island Line
 ZS2  MRT Zephyr Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F3 Royal Ferry Waterloo Station  I3  MRT Island Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F4 Royal Ferry Kensington - Olympia  I4  MRT Island Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F5 Oakley Euston  I5  MRT Island Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F6 South Royal Ferry
Dynmap Green Flag.png F7
Dynmap Green Flag.png F8 Dabecco - Residential District
 Ward 4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png F9 Dabecco - Central District
Dynmap Green Flag.png F10 Dabecco - Government District
Dynmap Green Flag.png F11 Loudoun  V12  MRT Valley Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F12 San Reinoldi
Dynmap Green Flag.png F13 San Reinoldi-Barop
Dynmap Green Flag.png F14
Dynmap Green Flag.png F15 Thunderbird - RegionalConnect Arena  P17  MRT Plains Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F16 Thunderbird West
Dynmap Green Flag.png F17 Thunderbird
Dynmap Green Flag.png F18 Green Hills
 Ward 3 
Dynmap Green Flag.png F19
Dynmap Green Flag.png F20 Freedon - Phos City District  C33  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F21 Freedon - Central District
Dynmap Green Flag.png F22 Freedon - Edo District
Dynmap Green Flag.png F23
Dynmap Green Flag.png F24 Falcon City
Dynmap Green Flag.png F25
Dynmap Green Flag.png F26 Easest District  ES11  MRT Eastern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F27 Marblegate
Dynmap Green Flag.png F28
Dynmap Green Flag.png F29
Dynmap Green Flag.png F30
Dynmap Green Flag.png F31 Avondale - North Transit Hub
Dynmap Green Flag.png F32
Dynmap Green Flag.png F33
Dynmap Green Flag.png F34
Dynmap Green Flag.png F35
Dynmap Green Flag.png F36
Dynmap Green Flag.png F37
Dynmap Green Flag.png F38 Valhalla
Dynmap Green Flag.png F39
Dynmap Green Flag.png F40 Grisville
Dynmap Green Flag.png F41 Endor  JS14  MRT Jungle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F42 Oreland
Dynmap Green Flag.png F43
Dynmap Green Flag.png F44
Dynmap Green Flag.png F45
Dynmap Green Flag.png F46
Dynmap Green Flag.png F47
Dynmap Green Flag.png F48
Dynmap Green Flag.png F49
Dynmap Green Flag.png F50
Dynmap Green Flag.png F51
Dynmap Green Flag.png F52
Dynmap Green Flag.png F53 Bristol Forest
Dynmap Green Flag.png F54 Ponton Pier
Dynmap Green Flag.png F55
Dynmap Green Flag.png F56  U64  MRT Union Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png F57
Dynmap Green Flag.png F58 Atami