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SubwayIndustries-Aerospace is an airplane manufacturing company that is dedicated to creating realistic planes at an affordable price. It was founded by TheSubway, who is still the company's CEO. It currently has a variety of planes on sale. Its main customers include FlySubway, SunAir and MRTHS Airlines.


SI-A 1 family


The SI-A 1A is a short range regional aircraft perfect for flying to any airfield, with its 15x15 size it can fit basically everywhere.

SI-A 1A front.png SI-A 1A side.png SI-A 1A top.png SI-A 1A interior.png

price: $3, capacity: 3 economy seats in a max density configuration


The SI-A 1B is a stretched and widened version of the SI-A 1A designed specifically for wazamawizi's MS gates. Dimensions: 20 long, 17 wide

SI-A 1B front.png SI-A 1B side.png SI-A 1B top.png SI-A 1B interior.png

price: $3, capacity: 5 economy seats in a max density configuration

SI-A 50

The SI-A 50 is a MS sized regional aircraft that very conveniently doesn't fit anywhere. Dimensions: 29 long, 29 wide

SI-A 50 front.png SI-A 50 side.png SI-A 50 top.png SI-A 50 interior.png

price: $10, capacity: 7 economy seats in a normal configuration

SI-A 100 family

The SI-A 100 family is a MS/medium size aircraft designed to fly mainline routes with low passenger numbers.
price of both aircraft combined: $20

SI-A 100-1

The base version. Dimensions: 35 long, 33 wide

SI-A 100-1 front.png SI-A 100-1 side.png SI-A 100-1 top.png SI-A 100-1 interior.png

price: $13, capacity: 14 economy seats in a normal configuration