The 60th Floor

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The 60th Floor
The 60th Floor.png
Game Info
Main BuilderMinecraftYoshi26
Release DateSeptember 27, 2016
Game TypePuzzle
Estimated Play Time2 hours 45 minutes
LocationGames World
Secondary Builders_Kastle, JohnNotTech, godzilltrain, lalaboy
Preceded byThe 30th Floor
Fastest Time2 hours 10 minutes
Record Holdersmine_man_

The 60th Floor is a sequel puzzle map to The 30th Floor by MinecraftYoshi26 that was released on September 27, 2016. The map includes additional thirty floors from the first map, spanning from 31 to 60. Each different floor from the next, strangely containing either a puzzle or sheer madness.

WARNING: This page contains spoilers of the map. If you intend playing this map, please do not check the spoilers.


  • Play in adventure.
  • Do not break blocks or place blocks.
  • Only take from chests what is told.
  • If not told how much to take from chests, only take one item from each chest.
  • Do not open dispensers unless labeled.
  • Do not set home or set warps.
  • Do not give hints.
  • Do not leave until done.
  • Do not abuse glitches.
  • Only play when MinecraftYoshi26 is watching.

This game uses the no-log-out rule: You may not leave the map until you have completed it unless under approved circumstances. To play this game, please plan accordingly before starting. If you must leave no matter what, please let the game builder know so that they can reset the map.


The 60th Floor puzzle begins with a rather calming nature opening displaying the rules, times, and credits.

Each elevator can only access certain floors.

Elevator Stops
Elevator Name Floors Accessible
Poppy Elevator 33, 35, 41, 45
Lilac Elevator 32, 38, 57
Rosebush Elevator 38, 41, 43, 45, 50, 56, 58, 59
Fern Elevator 34, 36, 55
Azure Bluet Elevator 37, 49, 53
Allium Elevator 42, 46, 59
Tall Grass Elevator 40, 52, 56, 58
Lily Pad Elevator 39, 47, 52
Dandelion Elevator 34, 42, 48, 55
Mushroom Elevator 46, 49, 51, 57, 59
Blue Orchid Elevator 31, 37, 42, 43, 44, 48
Sapling Elevator 32, 36, 38, 40
Vine Elevator 34, 35, 47, 54
Peony Elevator 37, 47, 50
Sunflower Elevator 44, 50, 54
Tulip Elevator 31, 33, 39, 45, 53, 56


*the item is not necessary for completion of the map.

Floor Floor Name Accessible Elevators Floor Description Items gained Photo
30 The 30th Floor Blaze Rod, Nether Star Floor (30).png
31 Plates Blue Orchid, Tulip Floor (31).png
32 ASCII Lilac, Sapling Arrow Floor (32).png
33 Blank Poppy, Tulip Sugar Floor (33).png
34 Lava Maze Fern, Dandelion, Vine Floor (34).png
35 Passwords Poppy, Vine Firework Star*, Slime Ball Floor (35).png
36 Sewer Fern, Sapling Floor (36).png
37 Lobby Azure Bluet, Blue Orchid, Peony Floor (37).png
38 Water Lilac, Rosebush, Sapling Splash Potion of Water Breathing Floor (38).png
39 Nature Lily Pad, Tulip Bow Floor (39).png
40 Nature Tall Grass, Sapling Oak Wood Plank, Melon* Floor (40).png
41 Airport Poppy, Rosebush Floor (41).png
42 Tom_Pairs Allium, Dandelion, Blue Orchid Floor (42).png
43 Graveyard Rosebush, Blue Orchid Flame Book Floor (43).png
44 Dessert Blue Orchid, Sunflower Cookie*, Milk* Floor (44).png
45 Desert Poppy, Rosebush, Tulip Floor (45).png
46 Red Allium, Mushroom Bone Floor (46).png
47 Braille Lily Pad, Vine, Peony Floor (47).png
48 Church Dandelion, Blue Orchid Awkward Potion Floor (48).png
49 Glass Maze Azure Bluet, Mushroom Iron Ore Floor (49).png
50 Prubourne Steak Rosebush, Peony, Sunflower Prubourne Steak Menu* Floor (50).png
51 Portals Mushroom Floor (51).png
52 Empty Tall Grass, Lily Pad, Test Floor (52).png
53 Football Azure Bluet, Tulip Floor (53).png
54 Prison Vine, Sunflower Brown Mushroom Floor (54).png
55 Casino Fern, Dandelion Bowl*, Clock*, Diamond Horse Armor*, Gunpowder, Rabbit's Foot* Floor (55).png
56 Farm Rosebush, Tall Grass, Tulip Coal Floor (56).png
57 Path Lilac, Mushroom Floor (57).png
58 Library Rosebush, Tall Grass Bottle o' Enchanting Floor (58).png
59 Webs Rosebush, Allium, Mushroom Spider Eye Floor (59).png
60 The 60th Floor Test Floor (60).png


This is a chart of players and their times of completion of this map.

Player(s) Time
mine_man_ 2 hours 10 minutes
ArizTrad & Cookie46910 2 hours 21 minutes
godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, _Kastle 2 hours 47 minutes
Starcubed & lil_shadow59 2 hours 54 minutes

This is a chart of players and their times of completion of this map trying to speed-run it and are using aides, wiki information, and other possibly cheating methods. These time do not count toward the record and are usually for the second time runs.

Player(s) Time Notes
mine_man_ & godzilltrain 1 hour 24 minutes Used prior knowledge, second attempts