The Sealane War

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The Sealane War


LoC/MATO Waterville Alliance
City-State of Kitania
KIA Armed Forces Division
None 40 Dead
20 Wounded
Waterville defeated after being bombed on the home front, refugees returned home safely

The Sealane War was a war fought by MATO under LoC orders and the Waterville Armed Forces.

The First Battle of Sealane

In November 2015 Sealane was accused of planting bombs outside Waterville, the mayor of Sealane dismissed the claims. But, Ptld was adamant that Sealane were to blame. Ptld declared war on Sealane and for reasons that Sealane still to this day can't comprehend, Ptld warned Sealane that the WAF were on the way. The AFS were told to position themselves on border positions, and fighting commenced. The WAF broke through the lines and were successfully able to occupy the city. It was at this time that a large evacuation was commenced and the population of Sealane was being ordered out of their homes and onto buses to Formosa. News had got around of the attack and the MATO forces were mobilized. After many long hours of fighting the WAF were driven out of Sealane. The mayor of Sealane, who was evacuated to a private bunker, begun to pick up the pieces and reassemble what he could of his citizens lives.

Written by AFS and RLcrafters, affirmed "mostly true" by WAF and Ptld. AFS has decreed these statements to be true in their entirety.

Operation Waterville

Shortly after the First Battle of Sealane, RLcrafters sent a bomber to Waterville and dropped numerous, well, bombs. Several other MATO agencies also sent their armed forces and occupied the town for several days, before it they left.

The Second Battle of Sealane

After the Events of Operation Waterville, the remints of the WAF Force Marched from Present Day Spruce Neck onto the A0 which they took to Sealane. Due to the Larger MATO Presents....

The North Nippia Skirmish


Seperate into 4 Sections: The First Battle of Sealane; Operation Waterville; The Second Battle of Sealane; The North Nippia Skirmish