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airplane320 is a [Senator] on the MinecartRapidTransit server

Airplane320 is the Mayor of The Republic of Zerez located in ward 6

Airplane320 is Deputy Mayor of: Eden

Airplane320 is the owner of:

Helper's Hand Corporation

eTravel eTravel owns E-Express

North Korean Food Shack

Bon Appitite

Time Zone: UTC -5 Time zone during Summer: UTC +2 Location: Spain, and United States

If you want tocontact airplane320 /msg airplane320 in game or email him at: or contact me on discord at @airplane320

His skin looks like a pilot, I can't put a picture of airplane320's skin because I don't know how to upload images to the wiki yet.

--Airplane320 (talk) 17:25, 12 November 2017 (UTC)airplane