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Acting Prime Minister of Nansei-Gunto, CEO of FlyLumeva
LocationCape Town, South Africa
Time zoneGMT+2
Birth dateAug 17, 2005
MRT information
Current rank[Councillor+]
Notable projectsWenyanga, Elizabeth
Accepted28/12/19 (Frumple)
Citizen12/1/20 (_Mossie and Vickiposa)
Trustee6/3/20 (i____7d, PeacemakerX5 and ktkren777)
Councillor13/4/20 (godzilltrain and unjinz)
Mayorsometime soon ;)
GovernorA I R P O R T
Premier1,000,000 years
Trial Moderatordoesn't exist anymore
Administratornobody trusts me unfortunately
Supporter25/8/20 (MightyWern)
Social networks
Personal websiteidk
Previously called Airplaneguy9. My current name is AirplaneNiner
Airplaneguy9's Current Time
4:36 am, March 22, 2023 CET

Hello! You were probably looking for airplane320, weren't you? What's that? You were? No, stay, I promise, I can say some interesting stuff about myself! (I also totally didn't copy this from i____7d's user page)

Status Key

  •      - I'm on the server everyday, usually between 9am and 4pm GMT
  •      - I'm on the server on weekends only, usually between 11am and 3pm GMT
  •      - I'm only on the server on some weekends, mostly due to exams
  •      - I'm on vacation - give y'all time to rest
  •      - I'm not on the server for several months
  •      - I'm banned/left the server permanently

Current status lasting until: 24 March 2022

Current status reason: Permanently left the server

Next status:      Nansei-Gunto State of the Nation Address


[Guest]: Because I love airplanes a lot, I wanted to look for a server with airports and airlines, and found out abut the MRT on 28 July 2019 by looking at a video. I logged on, went to UCTWIA, flew to SSI, flew to New Bakersville, and finally, Titsensaki, and checked out Creeperville. I spent most of my hours on the wiki, finding out about everything on the server. Then, I sent my first application. And, to my dismay, I was rejected. I still enjoyed the server, and found SW12 as a good place to start a town. I interacted with the community, meeting people like AppleGamer123 and Weier, who let me join Jupiter Motors. I also got flamed by KittyCat11231 for saying his planes looked bad, and also met Frumple, who sternly told me that he wasn't talking to me when I thought he was (sorry Frumple D:).

Nevertheless, I still loved the MRT. But then a second application, and then a third got rejected. After being told that the application was much harder than it had been a few months previously, I quit the server in early September, a few days before the GSM, saddened that the only server with airlines was hard to be a member of. I left for another geopolitical server, started an airline there, got famous, and quit because it was getting toxic.

On December 24, after playing Terraria for a while, I came back on the MRT because I was feeling bored and I wanted to see how it had changed. I had occasionally followed the edit logs for the wiki, but I was still surprised that Sunshine Coast's airport had changed. I was persuaded by _Mossie to submit another application, and I told him if I got rejected again, I was going to delete the server. I submitted the application.

On December 28, I got the email that would decide my fate. I had been accepted! I whooped and screamed in joy and stuff ye.

 [Member] : After that, I deleted all other servers, destined to focus the rest of my Minecraft career towards the MRT. Unfortunately, TheConductor had claimed SW12, but he offered it for free! I met i____7d, the mayor of nearby Foresne, and he helped me with building my first town, Stone Bay. A RailTransit station was introduced, as well as a FLR platform right beneath that.

Stone Bay joined the Region of Lumeva, expanding the Epsilonian Republic's borders, with the help of ModernArt. I boxed him shortly after.

I soon got endorsed by Mossie, and started Aero Aviation, selling aircraft to ForesneAir, Sans Air and MRTHS Air. I started work on Foresne's Omega Hills Airfield. Then, Vickiposa endorsed and promoted me to Citizen on January 12!

[Citizen]: I started my Pick 'n' Pay market branch. I also started SolAir (now FlyLumeva), helped with John Denver Int'l. I watched stuff live, and decided to wait until Zeta to start a town, which I did (Wenyanga). Else, not much happened. Then I got endorsed by my FlyLumeva co-owners (thanks guys :D) and...

[Trustee]: I decided to start really working on my town, and started exploring the server more. Nothing really more to say here.

[Councillor]: I started to become inactive on Wenyanga, and decided to do more airplaney stuff like grow my airline, make every MRT airline in a flight simulator, and start the most successful community town to date. Oh, and I got Supporter too.

I started becoming inactive on the MRT but very active in the discord server.

 [Member] : Aaaand then I got double warned in mid-October :/. Again, not a lot happened between then and now, but I did get presents for Christmas from SoaPuffball and i____7d - thanks guys :D. I celebrated New Years 2021 with Sasha, Avaneesh2008 and Weier. After submitting a reflection letter screw you gmail, I finally got...

[Councillor]: After I got my rank back, I decided to do more inflential starting up stuff, like the first of many cruise lines, and the MRT's version of the US.

Things I...


  • Airplanes (read my username)
  • Holidays
  • FlyLumeva
  • New Singapore
  • Cruise ships
  • United States (not the IRL one, that one sucks)


  • Long time filling and breaking
  • The above, but then making a mistake and STARTING AGAIN
  • Annoying/trolly/rude/etc. people
  • Dead chat



  • Stone Bay Town Hall oops I lost it :(
  • Wenyanga
  • New Singapore
  • Port Nelsonburg
  • Piper, LZ
  • FlyLumeva and Aero Aviation Lab


Ask me anything in my talk page. If I would answer it your question would be here.

  • Favourite airport?
    • I would say Peacopolis Airfield Sunshine Coast Maspalmas. It looks so modern, clean and is the gateway to a premier paradise!
  • Favourite airline?
    • Definitely FlyLumeva Waypoint, without a doubt. The livery, aircraft, hub, routes, everything. Love it!

Aviation stuff

As you know, I love aviation. I also want to upgrade MRT aviation to be the best it can be.

How to calculate flight time

  • Measure the distance between the two planes, down to the last block. Note down the origin's x and z coords (a and b) and the destination's (x and z).
  • Now, use this formula:
f = ((x - a) + (z - b)) ÷ 3125
  • If done correctly, you should have your answer in hours. If it's negative, just remove the decimal point.
  • Round up to the nearest decimal point to have your answer in hours and minutes. NB: 0,1 is 6 minutes.

MRT Flight Club

I am a member of the MRT Flight Club, and I try my best to host as many events as possible. If you have a flight simulator, and you'd like to fly with other members, join up!

Oh, and first rule about Flight Club: DON'T TALK ABOUT FLIGHT CLUB!

Tips when passing through airports (TBF)

Inspired by chiefbozx. This only counts for airports I've been to.

Before check-in

  • Be sure to arrive at least 2 hours before departure (CPT, DXB, DOH, HKT, FLL)
    • For big airports, three hours should be enough (JNB, BKK)
    • For small airports, one hour is a little tight but easily doable (any non-South African airport in Africa that isn't CAI, ADD, NBO, DAR or ACC)
      • You can probably arrive 30 minutes before scheduled departure because chances are, your flight is gonna be delayed. Don't do this though, it's dangerous. (HRE)
  • When booking a flight domestically within South Africa, do not fly SAA/British Airways. You're better off choosing Mango/FlySafair/LIFT. (CPT, JNB)
    • Kulula prices are high, and even though Airlink is decent, FlySafair is still tons cheaper.
  • SAA is a better option when flying regionally (Johannesburg to other African countries) as BA is still expensive (JNB, HRE)
    • Though with the situation SAA is going through right now, don't expect to fly them any time soon
    • Airlink has taken up most of SAA's routes, so that's a better option

Check-in and security

  • Check-in is simple at most airports and shouldn't take you long. Here are some exceptions:
    • Cover your baggage up with plastic at the nearby plastic wrapping thingy centre because the people WILL mishandle your baggage (JNB)
    • International check-in is in a seperate terminal. Do not forget that (JNB, HKT)
    • Look at the letters! It looks like it's going A, C, E, but there are letters on the other side of the pillars (BKK)
    • Expect to take an hour to go through a line that's a metre long (FLL)
  • Security is also normal at most airports. Most:
    • Do not be disheartened if you are in a crazy long line for domestic flights and the international side has like three people (CPT)
    • It's going to take extremely long. Deal with it (JNB, BKK)
    • Expect to have security before check-in (HKT)
    • If you are in a party and you look sus, they will pull you aside and scan you again. And you will be ridiculed by your party for being sus (HKT, BKK)
    • It's gonna take less than a second since there's no-one, but expect to be barefoot the entire time (HRE)
    • They're gonna have security as soon as you step off the plane, then another as you connect (DXB, DOH)
  • And passport control:
    • It's gonna take long, and add to your impatience (JNB, BKK, DXB)


  • Tis time to show you where gates are. Wooo.
    • A1-6 is international between 7am and 5am, turn LEFT. A7 is South African Airways, keep STRAIGHT A7 is now open to any domestic airline. A8-12 is domestic, turn RIGHT (CPT)
      • If your gate is C1-12, turn right and take the escalator down. You're going by bus. Be sad
    • Depending on if you went through domestic or international security, gates will be different (JNB)
      • DOMESTIC: C1-3, turn LEFT. C4-5, keep STRAIGHT. C6-8, turn RIGHT.
      • For A9-13, turn left, carry on, then turn LEFT AGAIN at the end of the corridor.
      • INTERNATIONAL: A8 looks similar to A9-13, but is for REGIONAL FLIGHTS, don't get confused and look at the gate number!
      • A5-7 are the bigass triangle thingies. Have a bite to eat before you board, the Mugg'n'Bean makes the best sandwiches and coffees.
      • A4 is the gate immediately left of the triangles. A3 is the diagonal gate.
      • The F gates are in the pier sticking out. Look left and right for your gate!
      • And finally, the downstairs gates means the bus will take you pretty much anywhere. The gates make no sense
    • Gates 1-3 keep straight, 4-6 take the stairs. Piece of cake (HRE)
    • The giant teddy will show you (DOH)
      • If it's a D/E gate, take a train
    • Follow the signs? (DXB, FLL, HKT)
    • A gates are domestic. Everything else is international, follow the signs (BKK)

On the plane (by airline)

South African Airways

Not bothering to write here, they're dead :P


Best. Pasta. Ever. Also, why are you flying Comair? I told you literally TWICE not to.


Go pay R25 ($2) for a 500ml water bottle as punishment for booking Kulula.


Really good reclining seats and some form of entertainment, but say bye to your wallet if you're buying refreshments.


Just cos the Ryanair-like safety card on the seat is there doesn't mean they're like Ryanair! They're actually more like JetBlue minus the WiFi, screens, power outlets, and complimentary refreshments. Also, #GAANBOKKE.


Free coffee!


Free food and not-so-free cramped Embraer!

SA Express

Free physics breaking, they're dead!

Air Zimbabwe

You were asking for whatever befalls you on board.

Air Mauritius

Why didn't you take SAA-oh, that's why.

Air Namibia

Why didn't you take literally any other airline? And why are you visiting Namibia in the first place?

Virgin Australia

I was 2, I don't remember much. To put into context: that was so long ago they were called Virgin Blue. So yeah, can't help you here.


See Virgin Australia


Probably better to fly Qatar, since they've dipped in service and their connection times suck, but they're got a really solid product. Their IFE is the best in the world.


Sooo many things to say. They're amazing! IFE, seat, food, they're the best airline in the world for a reason. And Hamad is awesome for connections. The boarding music WILL give you nostalgia. Also I cut my finger on the food tray, and had to clean it with the tissue they gave me, and it only stopped bleeding when I got into the terminal. Fly them, I swear, they're so amazing!

Bangkok Airways

Imagine Qatar but Asian, and you have Bangkok Airways. A. Maze. Ing.


I hope we never get to this point.


  • i____7d (to become a territory of Kazeshima)
  • mi_aquamarine
  • Weier

Stone Bay

  • PeacemakerX5
  • ktkren777
  • BillionPenny483
  • i____7d

New Singapore

Will go out to the current Mayor


  • mi_aquamarine will take over as PM


i____7d will take over my share in the airline


  • mi_aquamarine
  • Weier

Nansei Cruise Lines

My shares in Azalea will go to STthecat

  • STthecat
  • Weier


To be absorbed into Kagu


  • STthecat
  • Weier


To be absorbed into NewRail FLR Already happened, company will just go under i____7d.


Wow I have so little. Is there an airline one?


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  [Member] .
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of [Citizen].
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of [Trustee].
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of [Councillor].


Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Test Subject
Connect to the beta Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to the Discord server.
Achievement get!
Thirty Thousand
Connect to Zeta on the opening day.


Achievement get!
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.


Achievement get!
Create an airline and establish at least one flight.
Achievement get!
Low Cost
Become a Class 1 airline.
Achievement get!
Gaining Service
Become a Class 2 airline.
Achievement get!
Bigger, Better, Stronger
Merge or absorb another airline.
Achievement get!
Have a hub at an airport.
Achievement get!
Great Minds Think Alike
Join an airline alliance.
Achievement get!
Build a Senator airfield.


Achievement get!
Know how to use Dynmap.
Achievement get!
Corruption Galore
Become the leader of an MPO
Achievement get!
Get revenge on someone who played a prank on you.
Achievement get!
Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift.
Achievement get!
Claim a state in the United States of the East
Achievement get!
Meet Frumple as a Guest.
Achievement get!
What Did I Do
Get shocked by Frumple

Ok, I'm too lazy to finish. You can go check out airplane320 now. Bye!