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Proud Founder & Mayor Of Rockham
Location UK
Time zone Varies
Language(s) English, Bulgarian
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Notable projects Rockham
Joined November 2016
Accepted December 13th 2016
Citizen November 15th 2017
Trustee January 22nd 2018
Councillor July 27th 2018 (unjinz & AP_Red)
Social networks
Twitch google hangouts is better
Steam i abandoned it
Discord Aldranster50#2846
Nickname(s) Ald, Aldi
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Room 72 tourist attraction. this actually no longer is true as my school blocks everything with 'minecraft' in it now :(

things i may own or not

  • Mayor of Rockham, which means I also own the Rockham Metro
  • Deputy Mayor for Stratos, which I never knew I was for 9 months lol
  • Mayor of the Isle of Saunderton (theres a rail line and thats it)
  • Mayor of New Sockston (a big nothing)
  • Owner of ValleyConnect
  • Owner of Stopoffcafe


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