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Town Officials
Mayor Aldranster50
Deputy Mayor London150
Founder Aldranster50
MRT  V22  Foobar  V21  Foobar  V18  Foobar
Water N/A
Nearest Airport Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
Rail ValleyConnect, Tokaido Shinkansen
Other transit Rockham Metro
Facts and Figures
Population 4
Founded 18/12/16
World New
Ward(s) 4

Rockham is a town located on the MRT Valley Line at V22 and V18. The town was first founded on 18th December 2016.


5 days after Aldranster50 got Member rank on the MRT he found a spot at V18 but it was claimed, however he was reminded about a 2-week claim rule and decided to set an alarm on his phone for 2 weeks later. A few stations down the line from V18 were unclaimed, and he decided to claim it. On the first day of the claim the 1st part of the metro was open between Central & Wallgate. On the day Espilon opened Aldranster50 decided to log on and found out that everyone could claim a 2nd station, and then came an alarm on his phone about the V18 claim, and then he claimed V18 (true story).

Divisions of Rockham

The following are the divisions of rockham and they do what they do.

Transport for Rockham

They control all transport stations in rockham & are responsible for maintaining roads, cars, metro (please see Metro) & warptracks. They also maintain all aviation & waterways in rockham as well

Rockham Building Authourity

Rockham Contracts Generic Rectangular Buildings to build most homes. They maintain public venues and states if they are safe. For housing go to Residence

List of Buildings


1 stopoffcafe

2 Potato King

3 Troopies

4 Tacurger Shack

5 Stone Bank

6 Jenkins Hostel

7 Coffee Coffee


There is currently 4 residences owned by players of which: 3 can be counted to the total build count & 1 is empty


ACCL Rockham Spleef Arena

Rockham Sumotori Stadium

Rockham KS1 School

The Edge (North Rockham)

Rockham Leisure Centre (Under Construction)

In total, there is 13 legal buildings in Rockham.


Rockham has 2 professional teams in two sports: North Rockham FC (MRT FA) and Rockham SC (MLS). They play at 'The Edge' and 'Rockham Spleef Stadium' Respectivley

Rockham Sporting Regulatory

The RSR maintains venues, stadiums & pitches in Rockham. Its also controls the Rockham League, which is 10 teams, 7 of which are from Rockham, including North Rockham FC Reserves, who's first team participates in the Premier Division. It controls youth competitions across all age groups in many sports.


The only way to get to Rockham is by the MRT. Rockham Gliderport is the place to go for elytra-flying, and a BluRail and several ValleyConnect Routes are being planned to go to and from the city.


Main Article: Rockham Metro


Bus routes are being planned across the city.


Rockham's main contractor for building residences is Generic Rectangular Buildings as they build 90% of all buildings in Rockham. If you ever wanted to live in rockham contact Aldranster50


These bans are in place to keep the financial and social security safe of all Rockham citizens.

  • MRT Lottery Ban (effective 25/05/18)
  • Travel to all communist cities (effective 29/07/18)
  • To vote as public in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 (effective 13/03/19)