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Time zonegmt +4
Language(s)take a guess
Birth date3rd april
MRT information
Current rank[Senator+]
Notable projectsArdaman
Acceptedseptember 11th 2020
Citizennovember 10th 2020 - cynra, ap_red
Trusteenovember 19th 2020 - frogggggg, londonthameslink, underscorepie
Councillordecember 12th 2020 - kyyl, chiefbozx
Mayordecember 31st 2020 - skelezomperman, frumple
Senatornovember 27th 2021 - Frumple, MC_Protocol, Tom_Pairs, Needn_NL and Skelezomperman voted in favour 5-0
Supporterjanuary 25th 2021 - imperial_block
Social networks
Nickname(s)no unless you're Oshawott 12 (god dammit osha)

hello, i am _cosmon (formerly vibely) and i am the mayor of this and thats about iiiit

feel free to chat, i don't mind at all. if you have something important to tell me on the wiki, feel free to leave a message at my talk page or message me on discord (preferred, see infobox)

some history

cue descriptive life story paragraph

Like many others I got introduced to the server by Robang's Birdhall Metro video. However at the time I didn't have Java Edition, and to this day I still mainly play bedrock, so I silently stalked the server for about 2 years until finally a friend offered me his account.

I joined on September 2020 as a guest, and despite the classic "where is the airport" guest approach I got my member application accepted a few days later. Thanks to boredom as I didn't know much about the community, as well as rank misconception, I stayed member and went inactive for a month until one day I felt like playing again, decided to join the Discord and inform myself, and got citizen fairly quickly after that.

My activity and dedication this time also made my Trustee promotion relatively quick too. However, this quickly came to a halt after my city, Ardaman, had only one building, and I had no idea what to do next for the Councillor rank.

I spent a month head-scratching and made a somewhat decent small city, and as such in December I finally got the Councillor rank. Mayor was not far from me there, and gifted by JavaIsBetter, I got a new account called _cosmon. Despite the size of the city, it took only a few weeks and got promoted on December 31st. Right now I'm going for Senator, however with me being a bit busy as well as the scale of the task it will be a slow, gradual goal. However, I'm still pretty new and the best is yet to come :) . And now I'm senator.

_cosmon contact 06:42, 11 January 2021 (UTC)