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Director of Urban Greenery
Location Somewhere in North America
Time zone Time is relative, deal with it.
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator+]
Notable projects Gryffin, Totem Beach, Philip's Ice Cream
Joined early December 2018
Accepted December 19, 2018
Citizen January 25, 2019
Trustee February 25, 2019
Councillor March 19, 2019
Mayor June 15, 2019
Senator May 15, 2020
Premier I'm a student of comedy.
Social networks
Nickname(s) Crimson, Fox, Foxwolf, Real Vulp (do not listen to fake Vulp he sits on a throne of lies)
crimsonf0x's Current Time
1:08 am, October 22, 2020 CDT

Hello, I am crimsonf0x, and I am ranked [Senator] on the MRT server. I have two towns, Gryffin , my first attempt, (currently at [Councillor]), and Totem Beach, a town on the shores of Avenir Bay that is far nicer. I view this server as a learning experience because city building is an art, a rewarding experience, and a forever journey, with room for constant improvement. I have learned so much here just from exploring other towns and cities, and never concluding my journey. Perhaps you'll meet me along the way, be sure to say hi!

Achievement get!
red\Acheivements bad no