Totem Beach

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Totem Beach
Totem Beach.png
Above: Totem Beach Boardwalk Skyline
Flag of Totem Beach.png
Flag of the City of Totem Beach
Important Information
Location Avenir Bay (Lake 11)
MRT Ward 6
MRT Lines:  D44  Totem Beach Plaza Station
Roadways: No connections yet, but a planned B64 Road to Deadbush
Important Dates
Founded: March 29, 2019
[Councillor] April 30, 2019
[Mayor] June 15, 2019
[Senator] May 15, 2020
Mayor: KingFox
Deputy Mayor: ArizTrad
Councillors: FiorkG, DaEdwards, ...
Heliport: Totem Beach Centro
Nearest Airport: Totem Beach Simon Airfield
FederatedStates.png This town is part of the F.S.

Totem Beach is a bustling city on the shores of Avenir Bay, in Epsilon, Ward 6. It is the largest city in the immediate area, and serves as the main economic hub and general way-point for the far Southwest. Due to its unique climate, accessibility, and low corporate taxes, it is a very popular area for economic activity, and fast becoming a hub for various road, rail, and air infrastructure, due to its prime geographic location between the major hubs of Gamma, and the fast-developing regions of outer Epsilon.


A Fresh Start

Crimsonf0x (then known as Foxwolf11), had been becoming increasingly unsatisfied with his first town, Gryffin, located on the MRT Valley Line. Gryffin had suffered from poor long-term planning, and because of such was becoming difficult to rank up. Alongside this, Foxwolf had also seen the other grand cities of the MRT, and felt hopeless that he had nothing to build up and compare them to. This reached a breaking point when he kept building up the exterior shells of buildings and just never doing anything with them. Finally, when Foxwolf was building an amphitheater that wasn't undergoing any significant progress, he flew up and left Gryffin, never to build there again.

Originally, Foxwolf flew west, hoping to claim a plot of land on the Savannah line for his metropolis that would be master-planned all the way to Premier, but he soon discovered that there was no good area that had not yet been claimed by another member. Unsatisfied with the selection, and having passed a beautiful bay on his way, he flew to that, and thus Totem Beach was founded.

Early Beginnings

April 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019
On that same night, Foxwolf was eager and had high motivation to build. The first build in Totem Beach was a section of road that is now the wide boulevard known as Boardwalk. At this time, work on the city was sporadic and slow. Among the first buildings are a condo building overlooking the waterfront, a recreation store, and Foxwolf's house, the Mayoral Mansion.

After many unsuccessful bids for Councillor, Foxwolf decided that he needed a project he could put his name on and could feel pride in. Thus, many of the beach piers were demolished, and a grass waterfront was created. After 3 lengthy hours of terraforming and landscaping, the waterfront was finally complete. Shortly after, Totem Beach was approved for Councillor by Tom_Pairs and hvt2011

Mayoral Quest

May 1, 2019 - June 15, 2019

After he achieved the first rank for Totem Beach, Foxwolf11 set to work, aiming to aim the basic infrastructure and roads of Totem Beach, most notably finishing a waterfront project that contains a new hiking trail. A new marina center will be established north of the waterfront. After these improvements were put into action, he constructed a new tall building, the Totem Beach Library of Records. He made many road and infrastructure improvements, as well as constructing many buildings to the South, including the Courthouse, Justice Center and Unity Tower. Also at this time was the founding of the Vulpine Republic on May 30, a merge of Fiorkistan and the Vulpine Republic.

Finally, on June 15 of 2019, Totem Beach was promoted to Mayor, by HeavenAngel and godzilltrain.



The climate in Totem Beach is very interesting and unique. In the summer, temperatures can reach as high as 40C due to the surrounding desert to the west. However, the temperature can drop to low temperatures of 15C-20C due to the cold ocean to the east, and the wind from the extensive snow biome across the Estival Sea. In the colder months, the temperature is typically 15-20C during the day, and 5C-15C during the night. Totem Beach is not susceptible to hurricanes and typhoons, as it does not get rainfall often, and the near ocean is cold. However, in the summer, it can get brief, torrential rains when flash floods are to be expected.

Climate data for Totem Beach (normals 1951–1980, extremes 1951–2000)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 33.5
Average high °C (°F) 23.9
Daily mean °C (°F) 18.5
Average low °C (°F) 13.7
Record low °C (°F) −1.5
Average precipitation mm (inches) 15.2
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.1 mm) 2.20 1.20 0.92 0.16 0.25 0.54 5.95 7.30 3.21 2.12 1.33 2.00 27.18
Average relative humidity (%) 51 47 46 43 46 55 64 66 62 53 53 51 53
Mean monthly Sunshine hours 207.2 216.1 230.2 251.8 291.6 302.4 246.5 241.2 237.7 253.7 219.5 200.4 2,898.3
Source: MRT Climate Data, Totem Beach Data Authority


Totem Beach has a political system that consists of a mayor, a deputy mayor and three councillors. The councillors represent three districts of Totem Beach, and operate out of City Hall (50 Civic St).

In addition, Totem Beach is one of two cities currently in the Vulpine Republic, a state controlled by Foxwolf11. It maintains neutral in disputes not involved with it or its allies.


Generally, architecture in Totem Beach is with a modern theme, with high use of skylights and windows to save energy. It has some exceptions to this theme, for thematic reasons. It has moderately strict building guidelines and zoning restrictions (especially for large buildings), but not very strict like Evella.


The following people have homes in Totem Beach:

ArizTrad, 151 1 Av, Apt. 600, Downtown
willowars, 151 1 Av, Apt. 602, Downtown
FiorkG, 151 1 Av, Apt. 604, Downtown
Foxwolf11, 201 Bayside Blvd, Downtown
DaEdwards, 151 1 Av, Apt. 500, Downtown


The following franchises have locations in Totem Beach:

MAC'D (woorich999), 1 Stratford Alley, Downtown
Hvt's Arcade (hvt2011), 3 Stratford Alley, Downtown
Dough & Batter Bakery (ArizTrad), 101 Stratford Alley, Downtown
ULTA (CodyHM), 103 Stratford Alley, Downtown
Flowey Foods Totem Beach (DaEdwards), 112 Stratford Alley, Downtown
The Maze Store (ArizTrad, 30 Bayside Blvd, Downtown
AstroSlurp (Conric005), 110 Stratford Alley, Downtown


Totem Beach is divided into a number of districts to improve the quality of the town. These districts are zoned into different zones to control what will go in that space. The mayor decided to take a more strict zoning stance after what had happened with Gryffin.


The first district of Totem Beach, Downtown is planned to be the central hub for tourism and economics. With relatively compact, vertical builds it will be small in footprint. It will be divided into two districts, Boardwalk and Financial.


Boardwalk is the first subdistrict of Totem Beach. It is centered around Bayside Blvd, and is a hub for tourism and relaxation. The Waterfront Park is the main attraction in this area, as well as City Hall and other government facilities.

Financial District

This district will be up the hill from Boardwalk. It will consist of mainly tall skyscrapers, but a few other builds are planned. It will be accessible to the streetcar line being planned. It will contain the HQs for many VCORP franchises, as well as a central station.


Totem Beach highly encourages tourism, and we welcome tourists from everywhere. We have some regulations on tourism, though, and tourists are required to abide by City Rules, the rules of the Democratic Republic of Vulpine, and server-wide MRT rules.

Getting There

As of 05/06/2019 there is no good way to reach Totem Beach. However the best way is as follows:

from Valence
1. Head to the Valence Marina
2. Take the Avenir Boat Lines LINE 1 Express to Totem Beach.

Totem Beach is not really well connected to other cities yet, as it is a small, new town in a developing area, but the Totem Beach City Government is working on ways to improve this. A heliport to Central City will be built, and the town is planned to build south towards  D44  Totem Beach Plaza Station. Also, (assuming the UCar plugin will be re-established) a road will be built to connect Totem Beach to Deadbush, Heampstead, and the Contiguous MRT Highway System. Please bear with us as we work to establish these means.

Guide/Where to Visit

These following places are Totem Beach destinations.


As mentioned in the past text, the waterfront is one of the main centerpieces of Totem Beach. It boasts a tennis court, a relaxing beach, a tropical fish pond, and many places for residents and tourists to relax. 100 Bayside Blvd

Beacon Lighthouse

This tall, coastal beauty was built to guide ships into the Totem Beach harbor. It no longer really serves that purpose, as technology gives these boats other ways to navigate, but still boasts a great view of the coast and a fun place to elytra off of. See if you can elytra to the east and see if you can reach the shore to the east!!! 220 Bayside Blvd

A view of Beacon Lighthouse from Bayside Blvd

Stratford Alley

This alley, named after the great writer William Shakespeare's birthplace and childhood home, is a one lane alley, but also has a sidewalk for pedestrians. It has many outside restaurants and franchise, and is the largest cultural hub in Totem Beach. 100 1 Av

Stratford Alley, where most franchises are located

City Hall

Where the city leaders convene. 50 Civic St

City Hall

Unity Tower

The highest point in Totem Beach, this tower was built to commemorate the alliance between Foxwolf11 and FiorkG. It contains a TV Broadcasting Tower for FOX, an observatory, and a high-end restaurant.

Homes for Sale

If you enjoy Totem Beach, you may want to buy a home there. We have luxury waterfront condos with waterfront views ($15), and studio apartments off of Stratford Alley ($6-$8). Contact Foxwolf11 for more information.

General Rules

-DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING IN TOTEM BEACH!!! Unwanted modification of any property or area within 300 blocks of Totem Beach counts as griefing and may be reported and/or privately settled. If you accidentally destroy something, /mail Foxwolf11 so it can be fixed. You will not be reported to the staff for informing Foxwolf11 of the issue.

-Also, please be respectful of the fact that some of the buildings/apartments in Totem Beach are private property and do not enter them without adequate permission from the owner of that property. Nope, that didn't exist.


Totem Beach has a thriving transit network. The Totem Streetcar is a historic line bringing downtown to the Desert Line. We have a banned bus network, and an express bus to Deadbush. BayMet.png


Building No. Name District Completion Date Builder Owner Info
1 Waterfront Park Downtown late March, redesign complete late April KingFox KingFox This is the first ever build in Totem Beach. It was originally a singular pier, but was redesigned along the bid process for Councillor.
2 MAC'D Downtown March 2019 woorich999 woorich999 This is the first franchise built in Totem Beach. For more information, see it's wiki page
3 Hvt's Arcade Downtown March 2019 hvt2011 hvt2011 For more information, see it's wiki page
4 Dough & Batter Bakery Downtown April 2019 ArizTrad ArizTrad
5 ULTA Downtown April 2019 CodyHM CodyHM
6 Condo Building Downtown April 2019 KingFox KingFox The condo building that houses many other members.
7 Calaro Trading Downtown April 2019 KingFox KingFox The Trading Company that is right off of Bayside Blvd.
8 Malto Mixed Use Downtown April 2019 KingFox KingFox A mixed use building right off Bayside Blvd.
9 Beacon Lighthouse Downtown April 2019 KingFox {KingFox The tallest building in Totem Beach that helps guide ships into the harbor.
10 Mayoral Mansion Downtown April 2019 KingFox KingFox One of the many houses of Foxwolf11, the Mayor of Totem Beach.
11 Flagship Plaza Downtown April 2019 KingFox KingFox A water plaza containing the flag of Totem Beach, and the flag of the Vulpine Republic.
12 City Hall Downtown May 2019 KingFox City of Totem Beach Where the great city leaders convene to help make Totem Beach a better place.
13 Totem Beach Library of Records Downtown May 2019 KingFox City of Totem Beach, Democratic Republic of Vulpine Where the city records are stored.
14 Democratic Republic of Vulpine Courthouse Downtown May 2019 KingFox Democratic Republic of Vulpine This is the place where all judicial proccedings ocur that are related to the Vulpine Republic.
15 Justice Center Annex Downtown May-June 2019 KingFox City of Totem Beach This is the annex of the main courthouse where all judicial proceedings occur for the local government.
16 Unity Tower Downtown May 2019 KingFox Democratic Republic of Vulpine, Foxwolf11, FiorkG Originally called Alliance Tower, this tower was built to commemorate the uniting of the Vulpine Republic and Fiorkistan into one nation, the Democratic Republic of Vulpine.
17 MADRID. Downtown May 2019 KingFox KingFox A classy mixed use building with a restaurant, coffeehouse, and art gallery.
18 Beachfront Condos Downtown June 2019 KingFox KingFox Luxury condos overlooking Avenir Bay.
19 Boardwalk Parking Garage Downtown June 2019 KingFox KingFox It is a parking structure to serve the Boardwalk Area.
20 Totem Beach Centro Downtown June 2019 KingFox Democratic Republic of Vulpine, ABTA, KingFox The city heliport serving Totem Beach and the greater Avenir Bay. For more information, consult the wiki page.
21 Blagovka Embassy Downtown May 2019 DaEdwards The Union of Blagovka The Totem Beach embassy of the Union of Blagovka.
22 ABTA Downtown Transit Center Downtown June 2019 KingFox ABTA The HQ for ABTA (Avenir Bay Transportation Authority).
23 The Totem Post HQ Downtown July 2019 KingFox KingFox The HQ for The Totem Post.
24 Totem Beach Aquatics Center Downtown July 2019 KingFox KingFox The swimming stadium can seat 128 and holds events and competitions.
25 Hotel Totem Downtown August 2019 KingFox KingFox This is the main hotel for the Avenir area.
26 Downtown Garage Downtown July 2019 KingFox KingFox This garage serves the Hotel Totem and TTP HQ.

Thank You

Totem Beach could not be made without your help. I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged me and welcomed me on the server, especially the people who go out of their way to help.

-Thanks to FiorkG for being a really helpful person and helping with Totem Beach. I couldn't thank him enough. He's the person who encouraged me to start a boat line between Totem Beach and Valence.
-Another person who deserves a big thank you is willowars. He's given me really helpful feedback and he was the first person who welcomed me as a guest and encouraged me to apply.
-Vickiposa deserves a thank you because she has done most of the world edits in Totem Beach, along with hvt2011, hvteeeeeeeeeeee.
-Frumple, for being Frumple and starting/continuing this server.

I hope to build a Thank You Wall in Waterfront one day.