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User:Just robinho

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     Just robinho
Director of Maintenance
Location London, England, UK
Time zone GMT, BST (GMT + 1)
Language(s) English, very small French
Gender Male
Birth date January 24
MRT Information
Current rank Moderator
Joined 30 October, 2012
Accepted November 21, 2012
Mayor November 28, 2012
Social networks

Hi! :D I'm Just robinho (Minecraft: Just_robinho). People call me JR for short. Currently I am a [Mod] Member on the MRT which is a huge privillage and I thank that. I am also the Snapshot's Residential troll! :D I am the most happiest person on the MRT and also quote "Benie's best friend" :) I am the Mayor of G10 also known as Robin's Hill in the North east/Mid region of the Server. Its is the best city eva! (mispelt on purpose). I do try my hardest and help anyone or everyone possible as it is in my blood to help! :) My quotes can be found at the Funny Quotes page. Like every other member, Eventhough life goes on, I'll forever continue keep trapping members in ice... :D (but be more responsible as I am always ;) ) TROLOLOLOL

Check my Towns Wiki Page! ------> Robin's Hill