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Vulpes vulpes
Location Somewhere in North America
Time zone Time is relative, deal with it.
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator+]
Notable projects Gryffin, Totem Beach, Philip's Ice Cream
Joined early December 2018
Accepted December 19, 2018
Citizen January 25, 2019
Trustee February 25, 2019
Councillor March 19, 2019
Mayor June 15, 2019
Senator May 15, 2020
Premier I'm a student of comedy.
Social networks
Nickname(s) Crimson, Crim, Fox
crimsonf0x's Current Time
3:44 pm, June 18, 2021 CDT

Yerf! Hewwo, I'm Crimson, one of many fox players on the MRT.

I own the cities of Gryffin, Totem Beach, and Bellevue, and am usually a quite slow and methodical builder, so I'm very slow to progress through the ranks, eheh.

I love transit (particularly high floor LRT, the concept of which is quite controversial in some parts, yes.) I also love bike infrastructure, and I would love to see more towns and cities adopting what I believe is proper bike infrastructure, yes.

That's about it. If you need anything else, just contact me. :)

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