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Mayor of Southoak
Time zoneGMT+8 (Singapore Standard Time)
Language(s)English, Chinese, Deutsch (B1)
Birth dateif u wanna know its 11/09/2006
MRT information
Notable projectsSouthoak
Citizen6/12/19 (Endorsed by Echohue and _Kastle) thx guys
Trustee3/2/20 (Frumple) thx
Councillor1/3/20 (_Mossie, Echohue) thx guys
Mayor3/4/20 (_HeavenAngle_, VickiTori_) thx guys
Senator6/6/20 (everyone) tysm tysm
Governorairport time woo
Premierhell yeah
Social networks

Hello there! I am ktkren777, mayor of Southoak, a town in the shared municipality of the Region of Lumeva. I joined as a [Guest] on 26 November 2019, fascinated at the different and large-scale builds I found on the server, and joined in the fun on 28 November 2019 as a full-fledged  [Member]  of the MRT. I currently stand as a [Senator].

I co-own the airline FlyLumeva, a member of Stanley Air Alliance. I am also the in-charge of Southoak Convention Centre, Southoak Holdings and Southoak Stock Exchange. Way to make myself glorified. (i can add in more but basically everything is owned by Southoak City which is owned by me).

If you found me because of Southoak, I recommend you head to its' page. See you around on the server :D

I have plans for a collaborative ski town between PeacemakerX5, i____7d, xTedqlayz, xChrqma and hope to claim some land in snowy southwest Zeta soon. I need some terraforming gods lmao