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Region of Lumeva

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Region of Lumeva
Town Officials
Mayor All the mayors of the towns
Founder All the mayors of the towns
MRT  SW5  to  SW14 
Roadways A53, B531
Rail Foresne Liveray
Other transit FLR Commuter & Regional; our metros
Facts and Figures
Population 6
Founded 28/11/19
Recognized as town 07/01/2020 (state)
World New
MPO Epsilonian Republic
Ward(s) 5
Other Info
No. of Towns 4

The Region of Lumeva is an SMP located in the south of the New World. It was founded on 28 November 2019.

List of Towns

The mayors of the towns of Lumeva mostly know each other personally.

Lumeva comprises of:


Lumeva is located in the south of the new world, near the Epsilon border.

Internal Transport

Lumeva is connected mainly by rail. FLR Commuter is the main service that connects the towns together. Sometimes our metro lines also have through service into metro lines of other towns.

Below is a list of metros.

  • Foresne Light Rail
  • Peacopolis Metro