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Savannah 2019-01-30 1600x900.png Placeholder.png
Top: Savannah
Ward 6
Important Dates
Rank [Mayor]
Foundation Unknown
[Councillor] 02/02/2019
[Mayor] 06/10/2019
[Senator] no
[Governor] no
[Premier] no
Town Officials
Mayor lfpp003
Deputy Mayor Conric005
Road none
Boat Savannah Ferries
Air none
Rail Intracity: none Intercity: none
Building Name Image Address Furnished
1 Unnamed Apartment Building S Res1 20190804.png Mostly
2 Town Hall S TownHall 20190804.png Yes
3 Unnamed Apartment Building S Res2 20190804.png Mostly
4 Unnamed Office Building S Ofc1 20190804.png Yes
5 Unnamed Office Building S Ofc2 20190804.png Yes
6 Unnamed Office Building S Ofc3 20190804.png Mostly
7 Unnamed Office Building S Ofc4 20190804.png Mostly
8 Unnamed Café S Cafe 20190804.png Yes
9 Lake Gas Station S LakeGas 20190804.png Yes
10 Town Hall Metro Station S M TownHall 20190804.png Yes
11 River Mall Metro Station S M RiverMall 20190804.png Yes
12 Unnamed Residential Building S Res3 20190804.png Yes
13 Unnamed Residential Building S Res4 20190804.png Mostly
14 River Mall S RiverMall 20190804.png Partially
15 Unnamed Office Building S Ofc5 20190804.png Mostly
16 DuckDuckGo Building S DDG 20190804.png Mostly