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The busy one at age 15
Location Singapore, Singapore
Time zone GMT + 8
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date 11 August
MRT Information
Current rank [Trustee+]
Notable projects
Joined 11 August 2017
Accepted 23rd March 2015 (Smh)
Citizen 8th September 2017 (BaronThamesBank (Endorsed on 4 Sept) and lalaboy)
Trustee 23rd January 2018
Councillor Not yet to achieve
Mayor Not yet to achieve
Senator Not yet to achieve
Governor Not yet to achieve
Moderator Not yet to achieve
Administrator Not yet to achieve
Supporter 12 October 2019
Social networks
Twitter @IngeniousCoder
Nickname(s) Elton, Coder, Xtreme

Hello, I am XtremeCoder. I have been around since 2018, taking a long break and now finally coming back again in 2019. I'm a programmer (duh, look at my name) who does python, so if you need help with programming or such, you can feel free to find me :P Currently, I've been the most active I've ever been.

I'm considerably busy as I have my own organisation to run (whilst at the age of 15), but feel free to DM me on discord if you need me!

How did you get MEMBER before GUEST?

I started as a MCPE user, using an .apk cracked version of Minecraft. Then, I decided to sign up and play on the MRT. I know, I was stupid. After the third time I was accepted, I tried to connect with a 0.10.5 Client. Then, the stupid me (I now laugh at my idiocy), went to email the admins on "Why I couldn't connect to the server". Chief replied me and told me it was on computer only. So, I waited sooo long until my birthday in 2017, where I was granted a computer edition of Minecraft.


- Coding in Python (I have my own organisation :P DM me if you want to find out more.)

- Gaming (I play Identity V, MapleStory(SEA) and Minecraft only)

- Minecraft Redstone