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Town officials
Mayor XtremeCoder
Deputy Mayor ModernArt
MRT  H19  Foobar
 H20  Foobar
 H21  Foobar
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates x: -13449 z : 8822 (Central)
Founded 10 October 2019
Recognized as town Not Yet
Town rank [Trustee]
World New

Xterium is a city founded by XtremeCoder in the Western Part of the server. It is part of the Epsilon Republic.


As of now, no completed buildings are present. The infrastructure is being worked on.


The city's infrastructure is managed by Ingenious Corp.


- Cortesi's 'Aroma Coffee' store, directly at the entrance of  H19  Foobar


Xterium has a number of districts listed below.

City Central

Located at  H19  Foobar, this is the central of the city, and the heart of it.


Walcott, owned by wbhob, was transferred to XtremeCoder during the 2019 November GSM. It was shortly after incorporated as a district in Xterium. This district can be found at  H21  Foobar.

As of now, this district is **left intact and will not be touched on until further notice.** In future, minimal changes to the infrastructure will be done in an attempt to preserve its rich history.