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Arcadia (Old World city)

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Arcadia (Old World city)
Town Officials
Mayor ArdyArd
Deputy Mayor Stringle55(Head Dep) Tarheelscouse,JakD2000(Deps)
Founder snaf014
Town Councillors Bestmate66 and all other district mayor/deps
MRT  G26  Foobar (Closest station)
Other transit None at the moment, 4 WIP lines
Facts and Figures
Population 8
Town Hall Coordinates x: -2431 z: 1023
Founded June 17th, 2014
Recognized as town August 29, 2014
Official Language(s) English

Arcadia is a small, developing city on the Old World. It will house a monorail line with links to many cities once it's transit centre is rebuilt.


Arcadia has 7 districts with Arcadia Central and Buildcity are the largest ones.

Arcadia Districts District Mayor District Deps
Arcadia Central ArdyArd Tarheelscouse,JakD2000
Gamma Forests/Lia City Stringle55 Allifarki
Buildcity Shirin_Maya Jamess2912
Mineomania-Alpha Jamess2912 Stringle55,Allifarki
Aether City Dexter249 ?
Maquaree Kebbler22B ?
Voidside Stringle55 ?


  • Arcadia National Menger Sponge
  • Sommarkrysset (WIP)
  • Arcadia National Park(WIP)