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Old World

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Old World
Old World.png
Map Information
Seed TBA
Size 6,400 x 6,400
Type Normal World, Small Biomes
Cities Information
Center Spawn City
Premier Cities Arisa

The Old World is one of six worlds on the MRT Server. It is the oldest world of the server, opening in July 2012. It houses a single Premier city, compared to the New World's eight.

The center of the Old World is Spawn City. Every MRT line pass through the center except for the MRT Orange Line.


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MRT Lines

Main article: Old World MRT System

As with the New World, the Old World was launched with MRT Lines to encourage town growth throughout the world. By launch, four MRT lines were installed, with one additional line built later. The lines used v4.1 to v4.3 of Frumple's MRT design. All lines apart from the Orange Line have stops in Spawn City.