Canada Development Park

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This is how Canada Development Park looked like within July of 2022.
This is how the Prince Edward Island portion of Canada Development Park looks like as of July 22, 2022.
These are the armor stands representing The Brochure Brothers located somewhere within the Ontario portion of Canada Development Park.
The Calgary Stampede located within Canada Development Park prior to a building being built there.
The Calgary Stampede located within Canada Development Park after a building was built there.

Canada Development Park is a park being built within Halifax. The park started construction on July 20, 2022, just minutes after the town became mayor. It is located on the westside of Halifax and is being built by Minecraft252. From July 21, 2022, Bristol International University Halifax Campus is located within the Nova Scotia portion of the park. The park is anticipated to be finished at some point and time during 2022. It is the sister park to America Development Park located within Bristol.

Canadian Provinces/Territories Representations

Canadian Province/Territory Name Representation
Yukon Territory Yukon Gold Rush
Northwest Territories nothing special to see here just a little bit of snow, lol
Nunavut Hudson Bay but otherwise nothing special to see here just a little bit of snow, lol
British Columbia Delta British Columbia, a Halifax Housing Authority residence, British Columbia Theatre, Canada DP Beach, British Columbia Events Centre, British Columbia Campfires, and Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway
Alberta The Calgary Stampede (located indoors as of August 5, 2022), Alberta Theatre, and Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway
Sasketchewan Sasketchewan Theatre and Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway
Manitoba Nether's Kitchen (four businesses including two business franchises), Manitoba Campfires, Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway and Halifax VIA Rail
Ontario Ladderton (attraction featuring several ladders one may climb), Toronto Ontario, Toronto Island, Canada Development Building (the headquarters for Canada Development Park), CDP Security Team, Ontario Theatre, Ontario Campfires, Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway, Halifax Cornwall Train Station, Halifax VIA Rail, and Hudson Bay
Quebec a Halifax Housing Authority residence, Quebec Theatre, Condugote Park (a Halifax town park), Public Washroom (x2), Trans-Canadian Bicycle Highway, and Halifax VIA Rail
Prince Edward Island an armor stand and five heads showing the flag of Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick a Halifax Housing Authority residence, New Brunswick Restaurant, and Halifax VIA Rail
Nova Scotia a Halifax Housing Authority residence, Bristol International University Halifax Campus, and Halifax VIA Rail
Newfoundland And Labrador Halifax Terminal Train Station and Halifax VIA Rail