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E-Z-Transit Rail Lines

E-Z-Transit is a rail company based out of Minehattan and Cheyenne. The owner of the company is enjineer30302. The current lines in operation are the Cyan Line (E-Z-Transit), running from Y13/Ocelot Bay/Underground City MRT Station and LRT Station, to University near Redstone Gaming Centre and Bloomington, and the E-Z-Transit Orange Line, running from City Hall in Minehattan, to Robin's Hill South, via the Minehattan Bus Station. The Cyan Line runs through enjineer's city, Minehattan. A planned extension of the system is a rail line from Spawn City Transit Centre. See the map of the system here: EZT Map.png

Cyan Line (E-Z-Transit)

The Cyan Line is an E-Z-Trans Metro line connecting Y13/Ocelot Bay/Underground City with Downtown Minehattan. The Cyan Line also stops at the MRT Transit Museum.