E.E. Pleasure

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E.E. Pleasure
E.E. Pleasure Helpers
Founder & CEO SonicTornado
Manager TBD
E.E. Pleasure Location
Shops  G25  Chargestone-Kipener - Chargestone
 B13  G14  Y15  R7  Spawn - Next to Studio Chief
Facts and figures
Founded May, 2013
Parent Company Future Sonic

E.E. Pleasure is business which helps Members and up with Elevator Issues/Building. It is owned by Future Sonic


 G25  Chargestone-Kipener - Chargestone City, Next to Creepers Cookies & Cakes

 B13  G14  Y15  R7  Spawn - Next to Studio Chief

How to get a Store

Please contact SonicTornado in the MRT Mail Centre. Do not contact in text or SonicTornado will not be able to track the location. Thank You!