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Alert.png FlyArctic's Commercial Flights have become Cascadia Airways Flights. For Flight Listings please see Cascadia Airways wikipage.
Chartered for your desination
Corporate Information
CEO PtldKnight
Parent Company Pine Tree Transportation 50%
Cascadia Air Group Limited 50%
Facts and figures
Founded June 2016
Airline Information
Alliance SkyTransit Alliance (Affiliate

FlyArctic is a Charter/Aircraft Delivery Airline owned by PtldKnight and part of Cascadia Air Group Limited.


FlyArctic was created in June of 2016 by PtldKnight as a way to get into the booming airline industry of the time. He established 2 flights out of UCWTIA to Akane Airport and Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport that month as both Airports were newly constructed. In August of 2016 PtldKnight put the Airline up for buying/merger and mine_man_ had recently took over Eastern Airways. He expressed interest in buying the airline and its assets at UCWTIA, Akane, Marblelake and Vermillion to merge into the mainline Eastern Airways brand. He and Ptld agreed on having Eastern Airways get a 51% to 49% stake in the company over Ptld with the agreement that FlyArctic will be a subsidiary handling Eastern's operations in the Northwest, notably Vegeta. FlyArctic is currently setting up a temporary Northwest Hub at the Vegeta Airfield until the larger Vegeta Airport can be built aswell as a Hub at Ilirea Midcity Airport. On May 11th, 2018 PtldKnight bought the airline back from mineman. On May 15th, 2018 FlyArctic and Ilirea Airlines merged to become Cascadia Airways, soon thereafter Cascadia Air Group Limited. After this merger FlyArctic becomes an Charter Airline as well as an Aircraft Delivery Airline.

Chartering a Flight

To Charter a Flight Contact PtldKnight. Rates vary depending on service.

Our Fleet

Before its merger FlyArctic operated a multitude of aircraft, mainly the AutoDesignZ RQ-P13.15 but also the EAM X-5. These aircraft are available for charter for any destination around the server.

AutoDesignZ RQ-P13.15

2015-05-18 19.16.54.png

The AutoDesignZ RQ-P13.15 was the backbone of the FlyArctic fleet pre Cascadia merger and is available for charter service, however it is not customizable.


X-5 1.png

The EAM X-5 is a short haul aircraft acquired by FlyArctic just before its merger into Cascadia. It is customisable for its need depending on charter.

EAM X-10

X-10 1.png

The EAM X-10 is a medium haul aircraft acquired by FlyArctic before its merger but was never used by the Airline in revenue service. it is customizable to the clients specifications depending on charter.