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This article is about the placeholder station name. Not to be confused with the town of Foobar at Y4/O3 owned by MinecraftYoshi26.

Foobar is the name that every station is given, as a placeholder, before it is renamed by someone. To rename a station, you need to be [Mayor] or above. By having your station renamed, people can easily see what town they are at, not only by arriving at it but also on the Dynmap. You can tell if a station has been renamed by the tag that appears in the chat window. The chat message will also display any transfers available. For example:


This station is a Foobar station because it only displays the station you just arrived at, but:

<F10> Dabecco

This is an example of a renamed station. The town name follows the station ID. In this case, the town of Dabecco is above mayor so the Mayor has requested a staff member so that his station can be renamed.