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Dabecco is a city on the MRT New World server located from stations  F8  to  F10  on the MRT Forest Line. It is currently owned and operated by Sirots, along with assistance from other members of the City Administration.

Mayor Sirots
Deputy Mayor _InDev_
City Staff
Director of Roads Ardyln
Director of the Mail Center Shadow_Lord45
Chief of Security MIKE24DUDE
Director of Public Works camelfantasy
Secretary to the Mayor 34lynx72
MRT Stations Served  F8   F9   F10 
Air Transit Dabecco Regional Airport
Rail Services Network South Central
UC Transit Dabecco Station (Lochminehead-Siletz)
RaiLinQ (Bexley/Utopia-San Reinoldi/Mason City)
Bus Services eccoBus
IntraBus (Dabecco IntraRail Station to DBC Airport)
Roadways B676-shield.png
City Information
Founded February 1, 2016
World New World
Town Rank [Governor]
Recognized As Town March 27, 2016
Recognized As City June 18, 2017
Partnerships South East Cities
Town Slogan "Moving With You is What We Do"
Official Landmark The Landmark Hotel
Postal Code DBC
Wiki logo MikeRoma
Online Maintenance Sirots


Dabecco was born on February 1, 2016 (the day Sirots received the [Member] rank). It all started when he claimed a small rectangular portion surrounding station  F10 . City Hall was the first thing he wanted to build, so it was placed right next to the MRT station entrance. Other buildings soon followed to the point where he had a nice small group of builds in his original boundary. Sirots figured his town wouldn't grow too big, so he added walking paths of Acacia Wood to give visitors access to the different buildings.

However, as his town was getting more recognized and visited, he realized he had to expand, so he removed the northern boundary and expanded outward to what is now where the visitor center is located. Not really concerned about roads too much, Sirots just placed builds in available places. This would become a problem very soon.

While in the process of building his town up, he was promoted from [Member] to [Citizen] and from [Citizen] to [Trustee].

When searching for his Councillor promotion, he struggled, as the Admods refused his promotion once. They called for more detailed buildings and, in general, more buildings. Nevertheless, desperate for the promotion, he did as he was told, and he was later promoted to Councillor on March 13, 2016. The exact same issue happened when he was eyeing promotion to the Mayor rank. Again, after being denied once, he was later promoted to Mayor on March 27, 2016.

Now came the hard part for him: getting the rank of Senator. Not having a structured road system was a big downfall which had resulted in him being denied for promotion since City Rank Candidate Batch 8. In a previous attempt to get some roads into the town, he asked his Supervisor of Construction, _InDev_ to build him a road system. While it did work for a short period of time, it did not convince the Admods that Dabecco was Senator-worthy.

Somewhere in between this struggle to receive Senator, Sirots claimed station  F9 , which neighbored the town. He created a long, world-edited road to stretch to the new station in hopes that it would improve his chances at getting Senator. However, this plan was ineffective, and he still failed to get his town to the Senator rank.

The roads remained the way that they had for that attempt for almost an entire year. Then, in April of 2017, Sirots requested that Narnia17 completely redesign the road system to a point where it would make Dabecco a successful city. After 14 hours of nonstop work, they had what they wanted: a planned city. The work was so great that Sirots appointed Narnia to the City Administration as the Director of Roads. Nevertheless, InDev's work was not gone. He had been renovating the new road grids to include parks, paths, and trees to ready the town for promotion to Senator in Batch 13.

On May 20, 2017, Sirots was granted permission to claim  F8  to add to the city.

On June 18, 2017, Sirots and the City of Dabecco were promoted the the Senator rank after a 9-0 vote by the staff.

In July of 2017, Narnia17 added roads to  F8 , and construction of houses began for the residential district. A small plaza surrounds the MRT Station, and this residential district is nice and quiet. It is the perfect place for folks who love big cities but smaller houses, and the best part is that they can easily commute into the industrial and financial districts via our roads or the MRT!

In December of 2017, Narnia17 stepped down as the Director of Roads and was replaced with Ardyln.

On January 31, 2018, Sirots and the City of Dabecco were promoted to the Governor rank after a 5-3 vote by the staff.

In March 2018, hnt resigned from the position of Deputy Mayor after choosing to leave the server. He was replaced by _InDev, and the Supervisor of Construction role was rendered defunct.

On May 13, 2018, SoSo123 was permanently banned from the server, therefore terminating his position on the team. His position (Administrative Assistance) was rendered defunct.

During Season 9 of The Amazing Race, the city of Dabecco was featured! Contestants traveled through our Ursula Park as well as our storage center before heading out of the city via Dabecco Regional Airport. What an honor!

***This is the current up-to-date history of the City of Dabecco. Any future updates will be added here***


 F8  Residential District

The Residential District is Dabecco's westernmost district. Buildings in this area are primarily houses and low-rise apartments, with a few small businesses as well. This district is separate from the rest of the city to allow for a peace of mind for residents who don't like living in a busy urban area. A small plaza called the Forest Plaza surrounds the MRT Station  F8 , and it is very easy for residents and business owners to commute between this district and the city area. Residents may either use the MRT to travel or Main Street or B Street, which are the only roads connecting the district to the rest of the city.

 F9  Central District

The Central District is the heart of Dabecco. Upon exiting the station, you are placed right into the busy city. Road access is available immediately upon exiting the station. This District also is the closest to Dabecco Regional Airport, as well as our Center for City Officials, our Security Center, and one of our three Storage Facilities for residents and business owners. If you're visiting our city and want complete immersion, this is the district to visit first.

 F10  Government District

The Government District is Mission Control (well, sort of). This station is located right next to the rest of our city facilities, including City Hall, our Mail Center, and our Visitor Center. It's located right by B676, which connects our city with the neighboring town of Loudoun. This district also features an observation tower, with 2 levels of observation. Want to drop us a suggestion, learn more about our city, or just take in the amazing views? This district is your stop!

The Landmark Hotel

The Landmark Hotel, the official city landmark was constructed in June 2017. It is 27 stories tall, and it has over 100 rooms for guests to choose from.

While it may seem like just another building, the architecture and colors actually represent the original Dabecco:

  • The orange exterior represents the extensive use of Acacia Wood at the beginning of the city's existence.
  • The architecture represents the first few builds by Sirots that had very simple architectural designs.

The hotel is also the tallest building in the city.

City Hall

City Hall (1 City Center) is one of the most important buildings in the town. It was the first building in town. It is the first building you see when you exit from the MRT at station F10. City Hall is one of our "Acacia Overload" buildings, meaning basically almost all of the building was built using Acacia Wood. It houses the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Secretary to the Mayor, as well as a repair center on the top floor and a storage facility in the basement. Our most special feature of City Hall is the glass staircase!

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center (1 City Circle) is located in the City Circle, the ring-road surrounding City Hall (among other buildings). The visitor center is a place where new and returning members of the city can check up on important announcements, see a list of our administration, and learn about our history.

Mail Center & Quick-Access Centers

The Mail Center and Quick-Access Center are located underground and can be accessed by the above-ground door located at 6 City Center.

The Mail Center

The mail center is the hub for all residents, business owners, and city officials of Dabecco. Mailboxes are assigned to new residents/business owners free of charge in the mail center. They receive their own box, and they have the opportunity to drop off items in other's mailboxes and also receive mail.

The Quick-Access Center

Located just to the right of the mail center, the quick-access center is a facility for the use of current mail center occupants only. It features six personal chests where you can store very valuable items that you don't want to put in your general mailbox.

LAS (Lot Assignment System)

The LAS system was created by Sirots on March 1, 2016. Upon the foundation of a build being constructed, a lot number is automatically assigned to that new build. Once an initial foundation is complete, a sign is placed on the corner of the build indicating the lot number. An example of this sign can be seen below:

City of Dabecco 

For example, 020, or build #20 is the lot number assigned to the build which happens to be the Dabecco Center for City Officials Building!

With the addition of the residential district, builds that are in this district will have signs that look like this:

City of Dabecco 

The only difference is that the R in front of the LAS Number indicates that this is a residential build.


Username Position
Sirots Mayor
_InDev_ Deputy Mayor
Ardyln Director of Roads
Shadow_Lord45 Director of the Mail Center
MIKE24DUDE Chief of Security
camelfantasy Director of Public Works
34lynx72 Secretary to the Mayor

Offices of Officials

Our officials are not all housed in one big building, so should you need to contact them, the following table should help you out:

Username Position Building
Sirots Mayor City Hall
EspiDev Deputy Mayor City Hall
Ardyln Director of Roads Center for City Officials
Shadow_Lord45 Director of the Mail Center Center for City Officials
camelfantasy Director of Public Works Center for City Officials
MIKE24DUDE Chief of Security Security Center
34lynx72 Secretary to the Mayor City Hall

Additions and Alterations

Preparations for Premier

We are excited to announce that we are nearing readiness to apply for Premier! During the first few months of 2020, we'll be working around the city to spruce it up and make any last-minute fixes.

You can track our progress using our premier checklist and comment any additional tasks you think we should be working on.

We are currently in need of franchises in an annexed portion of the  F9  district as well as large houses in the  F8  district. Please ask Sirots if you would like to help us achieve our goal!

Additional Transit Servies

Additional Transit Services
Previous station Next station
Royal Ferry Victoria
towards Central City
Network South Central (Commuter 1)
Dabecco East Station
towards Siletz
Royal Ferry Victoria
towards Central City
Network South Central (Commuter 2)
Dabecco West Station
towards Siletz
towards Royal Ferry Victoria
Network South Central (InterCity 3)
Dabecco Main
towards Grayzen
Lochminehead UC Transit
Dabecco Station
TBA IntraRail
Dabecco Interchange Station
Dabecco Interchange Station
IntraRail Connections
Airport Shuttle Bus
Dabecco Regional Airport
N/A eccoBus
City-Wide Bus Transit