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A screenshot of the New World Dynmap in November 2018

The Dynmap, officially known as the Dynamic map, is an interactive map which shows all the MRT worlds. It is accessible the site by going to the MRT website and clicking on "World Map", using the in-game link provided from the command /map that is also linked on the website. It functions as a way to see projects from the sky, or as a tool to locate cities and players.

There is also a separate Dynmap for the Beta server when it is online; however, this map is not upated.

In April 29, 2023, LiveAtlas, a UI replacement for Dynmap was installed to the server, after some testing to ensure it does not break MRT tools that depended on Dynmap.


Dynmap is often used to help people plan their cities or navigate the server. Players are able to see where already has been built or where there may remain a spot for building infrastructure and towns. The Dynmap can also be used to make static maps of an area or the entire server, which is usually done by taking a screenshot and then editing in an image editor program. As the New World Dynmap does not frequently render in full, it is often advised for members to take a look at the areas in person before building for both free space and to ensure compliance with the 300- and 500-block rules for town borders. Additionally, many players regularly have renders performed in areas where there has been significant change.

The Dynmap currently displays all open MRT lines, premier cities, major roads, and functional air facilities. These can be toggled on and off using the layers button in the top left of the map. On the right, there are options for different worlds and perspectives.


Dynmap has toggleable layers. Layers are found in the top left of the screen; on mobile they are between the zoom buttons and the viewer's location, and on PC, beneath both. There are seven types of overlays, several of which are made of multiple parts. These overlays may stand for different points on different worlds, or they might be lines on just one. Hovering over a layer element often brings up additional information, such as an MRT station or air facility's name.


Players that are online can be seen on the Dynmap and their visibility can be toggled in-game. Hidden staff members are not visible.

World border

The world borders layer shows the border for the selected world.


There are two types of official roads on the server. Many A-roads, especially close to Central City, are marked on the map, which can be seen when toggling the option "National (A) Roads". B-roads can be seen by toggling the option "Local (B) Roads." Completed roads are marked by staff members when they have time; this can be requested in #requests-to-staff in the Discord server, or via e-mail.

MRT lines

MRT lines are the backbone of server infrastructure and what the MRT server is known for. Each New World MRT lines has its own overlay, and all the MRT lines on the Old World share an overlay. The MRT line layers show the stations along each line, including their station code, and, if applicable, their name, along with a line following the tracks themselves.

Premier cities

Premier cities get an honourable mention on the Dynmap with their mayor-submitted logo shown at the city's location.

Spawn locations

Spawn locations for each world are marked as a star on all worlds.

Air facilities

Air facilities are shown in this layer as a plane while heliports that use Senator or Governor air facility allocations are shown as a helicopter.

Local renders

For the New World in particular, the entire map is only rendered occasionally due to its size. After development, local renders with a maximum radius of 300 blocks can be performed to update the Dynmap around a certain point. Until mid-2022, these renders had to be requested in-game or in the #requests-to-staff Discord channel for a staff member to perform. Following testing by staff members, on 29 June 2022 Frumple announced that he had developed a cog for TacoBot, the MRT's Discord bot, that allowed players to perform local renders of up to 300 blocks in radius themselves by running commands in the #dynmap-renders channel. On 25 September 2022, the cog's functionality was expanded with the addition of renders centred on the position of in-game players.

Render schedule

The up-to-date status of the Dynmap can be found on the status page.

World Render Day Status
Space World Friday Service Good.png Online
Old World Wednesday Service Good.png Online
New World N/A[a] Service Good.png Online
Lab World Tuesday Service Good.png Online
Games World Thursday Service Good.png Online
Map World Monday Service Good.png Online
Staff World N/A Service Good.png Online


  1. The last full New World render was completed on February 18, 2023. Portions may have been updated after this point.