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The ICG Naval Coalition, fully known as the Naval Coalition of the International Co-Operational Group of Cities, Towns and Commercial Entities, is the naval branch of the ICG’s military forces. It is used as a measure of defence for the members, protectorates, bases and territories of the ICG, and as both a deterrent for other boats and to attack enemy targets.


  • 14/10/2023: The first vessel owned by the ICGNC, the Baywatch-Class ICGNCE Crow, is deployed to Ocean 50 off the coast of the Rainer peninsula (Near to Rainer Bay).
  • 15/10/2023: The naval base and settlement of Cape Rainer is founded.


  • 1: ICGNCE Crow - Baywatch-Class
    • Assignment: Patrol the waters west of Central Rainer Headland.
  • 2: ICGNCE Raven - Baywatch-Class
  • 3: ICGNCLD Hook - Seer-Class

Vessel Naming Keys

  • ICGNCS: ICG Naval Coalition Ship, used for cruisers and battleships.
  • ICGNCT: ICG Naval Coalition Transport, used for supply, troop and cargo ships.
  • ICGNCE: ICG Naval Coalition Escort, used for escorts, frigates, destroyers and patrolcraft.
  • ICGNCC: ICG Naval Coalition Carrier, used for aircraft carriers, light (helicopter) carriers, seaplane transports, drone carriers and heavy missile carriers.
  • ICGNCLD: ICG Naval Coalition Llong Danfor (pronounced h-klong dan-vor) (Welsh for submarine), used for submarines, torpedo boats, stealthcraft and submarine aircraft carriers.

Vessel Classes

  • Baywatch-Class:
    • Class: Patrolcraft
    • Number Constructed: 2
    • Mounted Weapons: 0
  • Seer-Class:
    • Class: Torpedo Submarine
    • Number Constructed: 1
    • Mounted Weapons: 0
  • Corsair-Class:
    • Class: Destroyer
    • Number Constructed: 1

Vessel Naming Restrictions

Vessel names must:

  • Only contain Latin characters and extended Latin characters. Spaces are allowed, but no other forms of punctuation.
  • Not be offensive or deliberately impossible to pronounce.
    • You are allowed to have hard-to-pronounce names, but not literally unpronounceable ones.

If there is a current vessel with the name you wanted to take, we recommend waiting until it is decommissioned or destroyed. Then, you can have the name, but you must add the relevant Roman numeral to the name. (e.g. after the [Name] would be the [Name] II, then the [Name] III' etc)


Currently, the ICGNC has 1 base. It is located at Cape Rainer at the southernmost point of the Rainer Peninsula.

Superior Names for Land and Water

As the MRT’s ‘numbered body of water’ system does not truly do naval positioning justice, and using the name of the expansion you’re in is too vague, we have got realistically named sub-sections for the area of the 50th Ocean that we have interests in, and the peninsula where Rainer Bay is located (now called the Rainer peninsula).

The Rainer Peninsula

Northern Sections

  • Far Eastern Peninsula (the strange, jutting thin peninsula)
  • Near Eastern Peninsula (the large, divided savannah peninsula)
    • East Riverside
    • West Riverside
  • Rainer Desert (the area surrounding U103 and to the sea northwest of U103)

The 50th Ocean