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BREAKING NEWS - megascatterbomb Promoted To Trial Mod
megascatterbomb was promoted to Trial Mod at the GSM on Sunday, March 18th. He is one of two Trial Mods to be promoted, the other of which remains to be announced.

He will be a Trial Mod for three months, after which he will be considered for full promotion to Mod.

One other player was selected to be a Trial Mod, but declined the offer. Their identity remains anonymous.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/19/2018 @ 3:37 PM EDT

BREAKING NEWS - hnt Resigns As Mod
hnt has officially resigned as a Mod.

Making an announcement over Discord the night of Friday the 15th, hnt noted that he had become more busy with real life commitments and had lost interest in Minecraft, and resigned effective as of the GSM on Sunday, the 18th. hnt served as a Mod since being promoted in February 2015, over three years ago.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 6:53 PM EDT

BREAKING NEWS - Kessler Promoted To Premier
The city of Kessler has been promoted to Premier.

The city, owned by lalaboy, is located at the T27, T28, and T29 Taiga Line stations. It is now the ninth Premier city on the MRT.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/19/2018 @ 11:14 PM EDT

General Staff Meeting Concludes
The March 2018 General Staff Meeting has concluded.

See our Twitter page for the live updates as they were posted during the GSM. MRT NewsChannel streamed the GSM at here.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 7:24 PM EDT

Omricon And Ortem Threatened With Demotion From Mod
Frumple announced at the GSM on Sunday, March 18th that Omricon and Ortem have been notified regarding their inactivity. Frumple stated they will be demoted by the next GSM in April if they do not return to activity. Omricon responded, saying that he intended to become active again, while Ortem has not responded, Frumple stated.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 6:53 PM EDT

Transit Hub Rank Restriction Lifted
Transit hubs are now allowed at any rank, Frumple announced at the GSM on Sunday, March 18th.

Frumple did caution that transit hubs should still be built at a realistic size for the towns they serve. Players still may not edit MRT stations until their town reached the Mayor rank.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 6:53 PM EDT

Full New World Dynmap Render Upcoming
The new world will have another full dynmap render, Frumple announced at the GSM on Sunday, March 18th. The render will likely occur in May. A more exact timeframe is to be announced at the April GSM.

The render is expected to last several days, during which the server is expected to lag. For this reason, Frumple stated that he would like to schedule the render to occur during the week.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 6:53 PM EDT

Beta Server To Be Opened For Plugin Testing
The beta server will be opened soon for public testing of two new plugins, Frumple announced at the GSM on Sunday, March 18th.

Citizens, a plugin which adds NPCs, and DiscordSRV, which allows players to access Minecraft chat through Discord, are to be tested, after which they will likely be implemented on the main server. Async WorldEdit is being considered but will not be implemented in the next update to the server.

The beta server is expected to open in April.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 3/18/2018 @ 6:53 PM EDT

UNITED CITIES - _Kastle Merges Transit And Roads Committees
United Cities President _Kastle has merged the Roads Committee into the Transit Committee, ending the Roads Committee's more than year long existence. The change, announced on Sunday, March 18th, was made due to lack of performance in the Roads Committee, according to _Kastle.

The Transit Committee has now inherited the projects, responsibilities, and properties of the Roads Committee, as well as its membership, while hvt2011 remains the chair of the committee.

The Roads Committee was criticized for inactivity, with slow progress on extending the A8 highway. The chair of the committee, PtldKnight, resigned on March 12th.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 3/18/2018 @ 9:37 PM EDT

UNITED CITIES - Giddyup March Survey Results Announced
Giddyup, a sister company to MBS News, has announced the results to its March 2018 Survey of United Cities members, polling approval ratings of current officers as well as the election chances of possible candidates in the next election.

Of the current officers, Attorney General Skelezomperman is the only one with majority approval, with a 69.2% approval rating. President _Kastle and Chief Justice KittyCat11231 have a plurality approval rating, while a majority of respondents were neutral or undecided towards Vice President hvt2011, Secretary of Enforcement Narnia17, and Associate Justices Jian_Zen and FredTheTimeLord.

Some of those who disapproved of President _Kastle complained about inactivity in his Presidency, with one respondent comparing his term to the previous term of jphgolf4321. One respondent disagreed with this notion, stating that _Kastle "tried to actively round up the committees". One respondent who disapproved of Chief Justice KittyCat11231 said that his process for vetting Associate Justice nominees was "too rigorous", after Kitty had failed to make his required nominations on time. Most other respondents noted that, aside from the President, most of the officers had few duties over the past term, making it difficult to judge them.

Of the committees, no committee received majority approval. The Public Works, Roads, and Transit Committees all got received plurality approval, while the History Committee received majority disapproval. The Transit Committee was the only committee with a 0% disapproval rating.

One respondent who approved of the Public Works Committee praised the committee for completing a project, while one criticized the committee for the slow completion of projects. One respondent praised the Roads Committee for strong leadership, while others criticized their lack of progress on projects such as the A8, with one respondent saying that they "want all members except ptld and skele gone from the committee". One respondent referred to the Transit Committee as the "best committee in the UC". Respondents criticized the History Committee for lack of leadership and not fulfilling their responsibilities.

When asked whether they would consider electing certain candidates in the next election, a majority, 53.8%, said they would consider re-electing _Kastle as President, while 23.1% would not and 23.1% were not sure. Only 7.7%, or one person, said they would consider electing Purrcat2010 as President, while 92.3% said they would not. The results were reversed for incumbent Attorney General Skelezomperman, with 92.3% saying they would consider re-electing him and 7.7% saying they would not.

The next United Cities election starts on April 15th, and candidate registration opens on March 25th. MBS News will be holding a live debate at a time to be announced.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 3/18/2018 @ 11:37 AM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - Summer Olympics Top Two Cities Announced
UPDATE (3/19/2018 @ 10:37 AM EDT) - Elecna Bay and Whiteley have been announced as the final two cities remaining in the bidding.

The Summer Olympics, organized by airplane320, are planned to begin on May 27th, and cities across the MRT are bidding to host the games.

On March 8th, airplane320 announced the top three cities in the first round of the bidding process, as voted on by himself and the staff members of the MRT, one of which will ultimately host the Olympics: Elecna Bay and Radiance Square, each of which received 7 votes, and Whiteley, which received 3 votes. These cities will advance to the second round of the selection process. We will report the top two cities when they are announced. The final host city will be announced on March 28th.

Bidding is also open for the Winter Olympics, also organized by airplane 320, which will begin on December 9th. Bidding does not close until October 11th, in seven months’ time.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 3/12/2018 @ 4:18 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - _Kastle Wins MGA Debut Golf Tournament
The MRT Golf Association's debut tournament has concluded. _Kastle was the winner after a 36 hole tournament at the Forest Mini-Golf courses in Segville and Falloway. Red_Ray and KittyCat11231 were also in the top three.

Full results are available on the official page of the tournament.

The MRT Golf Association says on the page for the tournament that it will be used to determine the future of the MGA.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 3/17/2018 @ 5:26 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - Team Bacon Wins IX TacoBurritoAThon 5-1
The IX TacoBurritoAThon took place in Bakersville on Saturday, March 10th. The tenth installment of the TacoBurritoAThon, a multi-sport event which takes place every few months in cities across the MRT, pitted Team Taco against Team Bacon in six sporting events: Sumotori, Spleef, American Football, Boating, Swimming, and the Marathon.

Team Taco consisted of Cortesi and KittyCat11231, while Team Bacon included mine_man_ and hvt2011. Team Bacon won every event except for Swimming, resulting in a 5-1 victory.

The first event of the IX TacoBurritoAThon was Sumotori, under MRT Sumotori Association rules. The event consisted of three matches: a qualifier for each team to choose the contestants in the final, and the final between the team champions. In the Team Taco qualifier, KittyCat11231 beat Cortesi 5-3 to advance to the final. In the Team Bacon qualifier, hvt2011 was leading but was killed in a heated match mine_man_, resulting in a knockout and mine_man_ advancing to the final. In the final, mine_man_ of Team Bacon defeated KittyCat11231 of Team Taco 5-0.

In the Spleef, the teams competed in a best of three game. Cortesi and KittyCat11231 on Team Taco managed to score a single point, but were defeated 2-1 by mine_man_ and hvt2011 on Team Bacon.

The next event was an adaptation of American Football, in which each team had a quarterback and a wide receiver. The quarterback had to shoot a spectral arrow from the 20 yard line at the wide receiver while he was in the end zone. KittyCat11231, the quarterback for Team Taco, missed two shots, while Team Bacon’s quarterback hvt2011 only missed one, resulting in a 4-3 victory for Team Bacon.

Boating was the next event, in which the teams raced along a track consisting of rivers and canals within Bakersville. KittyCat11231 on Team Taco gained an early lead, but was later passed by mine_man_ on Team Bacon, who crossed the finish line first, resulting in a Team Bacon victory.

Swimming was the first and only event won by Team Taco. The event took place in a swimming pool divided into lanes, with each contestant swimming down one lane, swimming to one end, where they had to press a button to light a lamp, and then back to the other end, where they had to press another button to launch a firework. CortesiRaccoon of Team Taco finished first, closely followed by his teammate KittyCat11231, resulting in a Team Taco victory.

The final event was the Marathon, in which the teams raced along a course through the streets of Bakersville. KittyCat11231 of Team Taco and mine_man_ of Team Bacon were neck in neck throughout much of the race, with KittyCat11231 gaining a lead on the final stretch, but Kitty went off course right before the finish line after being confused by a sign which he mistook for a race direction sign, letting mine_man_ take the lead and win the final event for Team Bacon.

The IX TacoBurritoAThon was a large victory for the members of Team Bacon, who won the event 5-1 against their badly defeated opponents on Team Bacon.

As the IX TacoBurritoAThon completes, Commissioner Skelezomperman has announced Elecna Bay, Laclede, Venceslo, and Segville as the shortlisted candidate cities for the X TacoBurritoAThon. We will report the final city chosen to host the games when it is announced.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 3/12/2018 @ 4:18 PM EDT