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June 2018 General Staff Meeting Concludes
The June 2018 has concluded. See our Twitter feed for the live updates as they came in: http://twitter.con/news_mbs.

MRT NewsChannel broadcasted the GSM live. Watch it as it happened here:

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/16/2018 @ 8:33 PM EDT

sesese9 Promoted To Trial Mod
sesese9 was promoted to Trial Mod at the June 2018 GSM. Three other candidates were considered but were not promoted.

The Trial Mod rank is given to all new staff members for the first three months of their tenure. After these three months, a Trial Mod is considered for whether or not they should continue as a full Mod. sesese9 will be a Trial Mod for three months.

megascatterbomb, who was promoted to Trial Mod three months ago, has been promoted to full Mod as well.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/16/2018 @ 8:37 PM EDT

WolvHaven And MRT Reach Draft Security Agreement
After talks with officials from the WolvHaven Minecraft server, Frumple and the WolvHaven government announced on Saturday, June 9th that the MRT and WolvHaven servers had reached a security agreement for information sharing.

Frumple and a WolvHaven official posted a link to the agreement, which calls for the creation of a Discord server accessible to the Owners of both servers and others designated by the Owners, in which information about threats which could be material to the security of one or both servers is to be shared. Each server may also request records of warnings, bans, and past offenses of players from the administration of the other server, but personally identifiable information will not be shared. A provision in the agreement allows either server to terminate the agreement should it lose interest in participation, or if it believes the other server is not following the terms of the agreement.

The agreement has not yet taken effect. The WolvHaven Parliament's House of Representatives met on Saturday, June 16th to discuss the agreement, in which concerns were brought up regarding the sharing of information while remaining in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. A second meeting between the administrations of each server will take place on June 23rd to finalize the agreement, however WolvHaven Owner SilverWolv said during Saturday's Parliament session that information sharing may not be implemented until the administrations of each server can find a means to comply with the GDPR.

At the GSM on June 16th, Frumple indicated the agreement would most likely move forward barring any serious objections, and that staff are seeking feedback from members of the community.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/16/2018 @ 10:10 PM EDT

CoreProtect Logs To Be Purged Yearly
At the June GSM, Frumple announced CoreProtect logs will be purged on an approximately yearly basis, after an issue on June 12th where CoreProtect could not record further block changes, resulting in three days of downtime as Frumple attempted to resolve the issue. The server was down from June 12th to early in the morning on June 15th.

On the morning of June 12th, the CoreProtect plugin "ran out of integer IDs to track block changes" and could not record any further block changes, according to Frumple. This resulted in error messages which reportedly caused lag to the server Tuesday morning. Frumple said he was attempting to increase the ID limit, but said this operation would take several hours. The operation continued until Friday morning, but Frumple announced it had been unsuccessful, and that therefore the entire CoreProtect database was cleared, including block change data from as far back as September 2016.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/16/2018 @ 8:46 PM EDT

_Kastle Not Guaranteed Re-Promotion To Full Mod, Says Frumple
Frumple said at the June 2018 GSM that he "cannot guarantee" _Kastle will be promoted back to the rank of Mod, after he was demoted last month to Trial Mod for emailing the school attended by banned player Mercury203 without direct permission.

Mercury203 was a member of the MRT who was banned in November 2017. For periods of time following his ban, he connected to the server using alternate accounts in a campaign of harassment against members of the MRT, which included profane insults and, in one instance MBS News is aware of, a death threat directed at members of the staff. In response to this, _Kastle emailed the high school attended by Mercury in real life, which reportedly led to him being suspended from his school, according to a Reddit post believed to have been posted by Mercury203.

Shortly following the surfacing of the information that Mercury had reportedly been suspended from school, Frumple made the announcement early in the morning on May 9th that _Kastle was demoted from Mod, saying that _Kastle had not sought his approval, and that his contact with Mercury's school could "expose the server to possible legal involvement with the school, the police, or even Mercury and his family". It was later reported that _Kastle had shown the email to an Admin before sending it, but that the Admin did not grant direct approval. However, later in the day following his demotion, and following discussion with other Mods, Frumple announced that _Kastle was re-promoted to the rank of Trial Mod, a rank normally reserved for new staff members. He currently remains a Trial Mod for a three month period while under probation.

The WolvHaven Broadcasting Corporation, the state-owned broadcaster of the WolvHaven Minecraft server, reported that the WolvHaven administration had the necessary information to contact Mercury203's school, and considered doing so after his campaign of harassment against MRT members spilled into WolvHaven. However, WolvHaven Owner SilverWolv decided not to make contact to avoid potential legal issues, reserving the option for if attacks on WolvHaven got "extreme", according to WBC News.

At the GSM on June 16th, Frumple said that _Kastle's contact with the school amounted to a breach of trust and was a "pretty serious lapse in judgement". Frumple said he could not guarantee _Kastle would retain his job as a Mod following the three month period of probation, which is scheduled to end in August, at which point his position is expected to be reviewed.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/16/2018 @ 10:12 PM EDT

MRTvision Screenshot Contest Approved At GSM
A proposal by MinecraftYoshi26 to hold a new screenshot contest, titled the MRTvision Screenshot Contest, has been approved at the June GSM.

The first such contest is now underway, and the deadline for submissions is June 30th at 11:59 PM GMT. Players who wish to participate must join on behalf of their city and submit a screenshot to MinecraftYoshi26. The winner of the contest will be determined by public voting, in which voters will award a number of points to each submission, and the submission with the most points wins.

Frumple indicated the MRTvision Screenshot Contest will replace the official screenshot contests, which have occurred twice: in 2015 and 2017. The winning screenshots for the 2017 screenshot contest remain posted on the server website.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/16/2018 @ 8:55 PM EDT

Fast Async WorldEdit Plugin Bugs Preventing Implementation On Main Server
The Fast Async WorldEdit plugin is being tested on the beta server, Frumple said at the GSM, but cannot be implemented on the main server due to severe issues.

Fast Async WorldEdit splits WorldEdits into packets, rather than attempting to complete the entire WorldEdit at once, allowing larger WorldEdits to be conducted without straining server resources.

Sources in the staff tell MBS News that, in beta testing, staff have been unable to undo WorldEdits over a certain size, requiring a rollback to reverse the WorldEdit, a bug which they were able to fix on test servers but for which they can't identify how they fixed it, and that large WorldEdits using the plugin create more data that CoreProtect can manage, completely filling up the server RAM.

Testing remains ongoing on the beta server, which is currently whitelisted to staff. Frumple said at the GSM the plugin will not be added to the main server if these issues cannot be fixed.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/16/2018 @ 10:39 PM EDT

Three Premier Candidates Rejected At GSM
The cities of Dabecco, Laclede, and Utopia were candidates for promotion to Premier at the June 2018 GSM, and all three cities were rejected.

Dabecco was unanimously rejected, while Laclede and Utopia received a majority of votes against promotion. An 85% majority approval is required for a city to be promoted. The full feedback provided by staff can be found here:

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/16/2018 @ 9:05 PM EDT

MRT Southern Line & Southern Half Of MRT Jungle Line Open
The eastern half of the MRT Southern Line and the southern half of the MRT Jungle Line were officially opened at the GSM on Saturday, June 16th, and station claiming is now open.

The Southern Line runs along the southern border of the New World, while the Jungle Line runs along the eastern border. Of the new Southern Line stations, ten (SE2, SE4, SE5, SE8, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE17, and SE20) were claimed through application, while four of the new Jungle Line stations (JS4, JS6, JS7, and JS9) were claimed. The remaining stations are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Jungle Line's northern half originally opened at the GSM in April.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/18/2018 @ 12:27 PM EDT

BluAir Wins Eagle Award For Outstanding Airline, IntraAir Wins Four Awards
The Fifth Eagle Awards in Wazamawazi took place on Saturday, June 9th. BluAir won the award for Outstanding Airline, while IntraAir led the count for the number of awards granted.

IntraAir won awards for Best Routes & Destinations, Best In-Flight Service, Best Business Class/Premium Economy, and Best First Class. Waypoint won the award for Best Ground Service, Cascadia Airways won the award for Best Economy Class, the SkyTransit Alliance won the award for best airline alliance, and Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport won the award for Best Airport.

The Eagle Awards, an award show which presents awards in various categories to companies in the airline industry, were originally scheduled for December, under the management of Eagle Entertainment Ltd, a company owned by hnt and kiwirainbow which has hosted the recurring Eagle Awards ceremonies since 2015. However, the fifth Eagle Awards didn't happen, and in February the event was placed under the control of _Kastle, who opened up nominations and voting forms for the awards. However, the ceremony never was given a scheduled date, and never happened.

In his announcement, _Kastle said it was his fault that the ceremony hadn't occurred, and announced he would be organizing it alongside Skelezomperman. The awards were hosted by _Kastle with Skelezomperman's assistance.

In the interest of full disclosure, IntraAir is owned by Feline Holdings, a parent company of MBS. Cascadia Airways is partly owned by Cascadia Air Group Limited, which is party owned by Epsilon Corporation, another parent company of MBS. Waypoint is owned as a joint venture between Epsilon Corporation and Cascadia Air Group Limited. As such, IntraAir, Cascadia Airways, and Waypoint are sister companies of MBS. All three airlines are part of the SkyTransit Alliance.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/12/2018 @ 11:20 AM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - KittyCat11231 Wins Elecna Bay Summer Olympics
KittyCat11231 has won the medal count at the 2018 Summer Olympics, held in Elecna Bay on May 27th and June 2nd and 3rd.

KittyCat11231 received gold medals for horse racing, track racing, golf, rowing, PvP, and volleyball, and a silver medal in diving. AlfiePops tied in the overall medal count with two gold medals, a silver medal, and four bronze medals.

MBS recorded the Olympics, and our coverage will be uploaded event-by-event upon the completion of editing.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 6/9/2018 @ 2:14 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - Cortesi Wins MGA IntraAir Open
The MRT Golf Association's second tournament in its first season, the IntraAir Open, took place in Hendon on Saturday, June 2nd, and was won by Cortesi.

The BOX Television Network, a sister company to MRT NewsChannel, broadcast the tournament live. Watch BOX coverage of the tournament as it happened live:

The MGA MMB Cup took place on Saturday, May 26th in Venceslo, which was won by mine_man_. MBS coverage of the tournament can be viewed here:

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/9/2018 @ 2:14 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - Team Taco Wins XI TacoBurritoAThon
Team Taco won the XI TacoBurritoAThon in Venceslo on Saturday, June 2nd at 10 PM EDT, hours after the second day of competition at the Olympics, and two weeks after the previous X TacoBurritoAThon.

The TacoBurritoAThon is a multi-sport event hosted by Skelezomperman which periodically takes place in different cities, featuring competitions in American Football, Sumotori, Spleef, Swimming, and a Marathon. The X TacoBurritoAThon also featured Hockey as a new sport. Archery was introduced in the XI TacoBurritoAThon.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/9/2018 @ 2:14 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - The Amazing Race 9 Premieres July 1st
MinecraftYoshi26 announced the next season of The Amazing Race early Wednesday morning, May 23rd, to be hosted this Summer. The race begins on July 1st.

The Amazing Race is a reality game show series hosted by MinecraftYoshi26 since 2014. Each season pits several teams of two against each other in a race around the MRT, traveling to different locations and completing challenges to advance. The season is divided into different episodes, known as legs, in which teams race to be the first to the next pit stop, located at the end of each leg. The team to arrive last at a pit stop is usually eliminated in that leg, and only three teams typically remain for the final leg.

MinecraftYoshi26 announced The Amazing Race 9 will feature a "Dead End", without specifying what it entails. The race is scheduled for sometime in the Summer.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 6/1/2018 @ 9:36 PM EDT

Double Warned Players Require Reflection Statement To Clear Warning
UPDATE 6/16/2018 @ 10:43 PM EDT: Frumple told MBS News at the June GSM that the new rule has been implemented.

With a yet-to-be implemented rule change announced at the GSM, players who receive a double warning will now require a statement of reflection on what they did wrong for the warning to be cleared.

The rule change was proposed by TalonPlays, who also proposed demoting players who are double warned to Guest, a proposal which was rejected. The purpose of the new rule is to ensure that players who receive a double warning are aware of their transgression and will not commit the same offense again before their warning is cleared.

The rule will also likely apply to members who receive two single warnings which are effective at the same time, Frumple said in response to a question by a member.

Frumple said, in response to a question from MBS News, that the rule change is not yet in effect and will not be implemented until Admins have a chance to discuss it at a later date.

by KittyCat11231, last updated: 5/6/2018 @ 9:54 PM EDT