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Town officials
Mayor FiorkG07
Deputy Mayor Sans05
Town Councillors None atm
MRT (Planned some Line Extension)
Roadway(s) (Future  A410  extension)
Other transit Fiorkish Rail, MDoT
Facts and figures
Population Just the Mayor atm
Town hall coordinates To be filled in.
Founded March 1st of 2020
Recognized as town March 21 of 2020
Town rank [Senator]
Official language(s) English (63%), Portuguese (30%), Other (7%)
World New World (Zeta)
Post codes None atm.
Political Party Foward Epsilon
Ward(s) 8
Other info
MPO Republic of Epsilon

Marisol (officially City-State of Marisol) is a town in the southwest new world and it borders the Coral Sea. It's a transfer hub for many ferries through all the new world.

Fictional History

Portuguese Colonization

War of the two seas

In 1892, not satisfied only with the African colonies, Portuguese explorers found a fertile land bordering the Bay of Thanos. they called they land Sancta Luzya de Prethoria (and yes, it was just west of the today's Pretoria). However, Republic of Gauteng was expanding it's empire throu the west, then they found the Portuguese. The Gauteng said "hey bro could you ples get your big fat bass out of my place?", The Portuguese king sent what they called The Great no u to the Gauteng (wich was the 1st no u on the history). So they started a War, wich was known as The war of the 2 seas. In the end, the Portuguese lost the war and they had to pay 4 Million Sterling Pounds plus one giving the land to the Gauteng.

Southern Zeta Land

The Portuguese were p*ssed with that situation, so they needed to make more money FAST, greatfuly the explorers just lost their way home, so they found some plains, south of the Italian Colony of Murrville. Knowing that the Gauteng could possibly attack them, they made their settlement far near the woods (Wich is now the Settlers Town district). They exported wood to other colonies, Like the southwestern mesa, wich obviously made them rich.

Bahian colonization and expansion

In 1910, The Bahian President José Faria Gomez searched for new lands to Colonize and Explore, they looked at the Portuguese Colony of New Pretoria. The Bahian found the land so fertile that they started buying some of the land to Farm and Stuff. Portuguese Emperor Manuel II was going to say the Second Great no u to the Gauteng (Now Bahia). But because of the Portuguese Republic Proclamation in 1910, the Bahian took over the land and renamed from "New Pretoria" to "Marisol". The colony expanded fast, Leaving the industry of exporting Feedstock and Investing on Stock Market and Fabrication of Automobiles and Trains.


In 1940, because of the spread of worker's revolt, The Rich People of Marisol, Knowing that if they do nothing they're screwed, they declared the official independence of the colony, renaming it to "City State of Marisol". The 1st Election happened in 1942 by an electoral college. The 1st. President of the Country, Matiel Sabena, wrote the 1st Constitution, wich, just for curiosity, there was a law that prohibited all the existence of a social party, to prevent a communist revolt. The People's Republic of Bahia didn't Regonized the Independence, the 1st Country to Regonize it's independence was Great Britain, in 1942.

The Dark State

The Dark State (name given by historians) was a period between 1942 and 1978. When the act of being a person aligned to "The red side of the Politics" could result of being arrested, exiled, tortured or even the death. Many Revolutions happened through these years, The most successful of them was in 1965, with the People's Socialist Republic of Isquadia (or PSRI), Wich was a Bahian attemt to make Marisol communist. The period where this country existed was called "The Third Pretorian Conflict" (Curious note, Bahia still didnt regonize the Marisolian Independence, only regonized Isquadian's). in 1970, Isquadia was abolished. In 1977, the elected president, José Almeida, gave the liberalization of New Parties. in 1978, the first leftist party on Marisol was created, the NSPM (New Social Party of Marisol, wich he's actually now the vice president of). In october of 1978, the new constitution was created, Making this the end of the Dark State.

Economy Growth and Golden Age

In 1979, The government stated that there would be New Elections in 1980, and the Mandate Period went now from 5 years to 4 years. The President José Almeida was reelected by the Population (5.002.182 voted for Almeida, from the Republican Democratic Party. 2.716.902 voted for Charles Antoine, from the Renovation Party). The early 1980s was the age of democratization, The schools could finally tell the truth about the country. The invested strongly on Industry and Infraestructure. and, a wholesome moment for all the Marisolian citizens, in October 6 of 1990 (Same day that The C. S. of Marisol was Created), Bahia officialy regonized the Independence of Marisol. That was a good day for the both sides, schools closed for 1 week to celebrate this happy moment.

The Today

Marisol was officialy regonized as an example of Intermodal Transport Hubs, Internationaly known as "The Southern Gate for Zeta".Its GDP is the 2nd Biggest in the Region (US$38,054), It has one of the Highest HDI in the MRT (0.897) and is also a Technologic Pole and is part of the RoE.

Geography and Climate

Marisol is mainly located at the Lofi Plains, bordered by the Coral Sea on the East, the Morton Desert at the North, The Oakway Forest at the West and the Mayway Cliffs at the South.


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Education and Science