New World

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New World
Map Information
Seed 8821117148754509066
Size 60,000 * 60,000
Type Large Biomes
Cities Information
Center Central City
Premier Cities Achowalogen Takachsin
City of Evella
Elecna Bay
Kolpino City
Sunshine Coast

The New World is one of the six worlds on the MRT Server and was introduced on 4 October 2014. It is currently the default world for new guests and the world to build towns and acquire ranks.

The center of the New World is Central City that acts as the hub for the New World MRT System.

The New World is divided into 9 wards to facilitate the New World Highway System.

New World Ward Map



Discussions about additional worlds began as early as May 2013 such as the addition of a Nether World. After searching for plugins that handle multiple worlds, the MRT Staff decided on creating a second larger overworld map that would implement a newer version of the Minecart Rapid Transit System. The introduction of the New World would be complemented with a revised rank system to revive permissions for player creations previously restricted on the Old World due to its smaller size. The New World map was chosen from 94 candidate seeds. [1]


At the November 2016 GSM, Frumple unveiled a new server machine named Epsilon that would allow the New World to be expanded on December 2016.

At the September 2019 GSM, Frumple once again said that the staff are considering a new server. The expansion, Zeta, was unveiled at the November GSM, and the New World was expanded again on February 29, 2020, after a purge on February 23.

MRT System

Main article: New World MRT System

The New World was introduced with eleven MRT Lines and four planned additional lines. The MRT System implemented MRT v5. Eight lines terminate at the four terminals of Central City (Arctic, Taiga, Plains, Valley, Forest, Island, Mesa, Desert) while two (Expo and Zephyr) interchange at Central Park. Some of the MRT lines serve the various Large Biomes around the New World (Arctic, Taiga, Plains, Valley, Forest, Island, Mesa, Desert) while others serve specific cardinal points of the world (Expo, Zephyr, Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, Circle).

Note: the Marina Shuttle is considered as a branch of the Expo Line.

While Frumple solely built the original Old World MRT System, MRT Staff were tasked to build the New World MRT System. The lines were built in consideration of future extensions to towns and cities that are not served by the MRT lines.

Four additional MRT lines were built in order to connect the extended portions of the eleven initial MRT lines, which are:

After the New World expanded on 26 December 2016 as part of the Epsilon server update, plans such as new lines and extensions of current ones have been made to expand the MRT System to the new Epsilon territories.

These new lines take place at the far reaches of the server, being:


Main article: New World Highway System

The New World is divided into 9 wards. The names of A-class and B-class highways are determined by the main wards that they serve. The postcodes of towns and cities are also determined by the main wards that they are located in.