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Town Officials
Mayor ModernArt
Deputy Mayor SoSo123
Founder ModernArt
Other transit NewRail
Facts and Figures
Population 25
Town Hall Coordinates -12882 72 -13108
Town Rank [Senator]
World Gamma / New
Ward(s) 9

Norwest is a town made by ModernArt. It is unique that some parts of the town are populated with people/armor stands. A neighboring town is Bearbury.


  • Nation Street is the first street to be made in Norwest. It has the flags of its sister cities.
  • The Town Hall is a simple building in Main Street that houses the offices of ModernArt and SoSo123.
  • Norwest Mall is a mall that houses a few franchises, including Eat and Bowl, Circo Porto and Pruborne Steakhouse.
  • An unnamed spleef arena is in Norwest, currently with no automatic restart system installed.
  • Norwest Hospital is an unfinished hospital powered by SilverBubble's droids.
  • The NCO HQ is also located in Norwest.
  • A joke island Mini Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Island is in Norwest, containing a cabin and a ferry service to Norwest Beach.

Life in Norwest

We have a cosy neighbourhood in Norwest. There are a lot of houses, apartments and shops and are all very close together, because of this, the citizens have a very close relationship.


We are currently counting how many residents live in Norwest.


We have a total of 38 franchises for you to shop and eat at, including local shops and intercity shops.

  • Ammu-Nation
  • Chief's Bozx-ers
  • Derek Jeter's Taco Hole
  • Lipton Ice Tea
  • Uncle Carl's Convenience Store
  • Ice Tea Vendor
  • FREEstyle Wear
  • New Age (CherryTech)
  • Italiaso
  • London's Rail and Redstone Workshop
  • Due's Food Station
  • Martyn's Money Bank
  • ButterBurger
  • Eat and Bowl
  • Froggy Piano
  • Da Roast Grill
  • BankCreeper
  • Circo Porto
  • ModernElect
  • Woolworths METRO
  • Coles
  • Pruborne Steakhouse
  • Tacurger Shack
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
  • BankCreeper
  • Arctic Bakery
  • DVN Pub
  • Demeter Eatery
  • Coffee Cabin
  • Quill and Ink, Inc.
  • Norwest Fish and Chips
  • Norwest Haircut store
  • Cheap-Cheap Clothes
  • Norwest United Fan Shop
  • Video Games Norwest
  • One Arctus Bank
  • GO Phone
  • Bang Bang Weapons

Inns and Hotels

As well as those, we also have 3 inns and hotels to stay in the night.

  • The Phoenix Tail Hotel
  • The Titsensaki Starr Hotel


We have 3 embassies at the moment.