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Director of Modern Building
This is fine.png
LocationSydney, Australia
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard/Daylight Saving Time, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +10-11
Language(s)English, Very Basic Filipino
Birth date9th March
MRT information
Current rank[Governor+]
Notable projectsPasadena Urban Development, Republic of Epsilon, NewRail
JoinedAfter 28th June 2015
Accepted18th August 2015
Citizen10th March 2016
Trustee13th May 2016
Councillor28th May 2016
Mayor12th June 2016
Senator1st November 2017
Governor4th October 2020
SupporterAround the time of citizen
Social networks
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

ModernArt is a player that joined the Minecart Rapid Transit server in Mid 2015 after watching the MRT Line time-lapses on Frumple's youtube channel. He has been on the server for a lengthy period of time and has only been officially inactive (being offline for more than 3 months) once in his time on the server. He has met lots of members on the server, new and old that helped him shape who he came to be today.


Status Types

These are the available statuses that ModernArt can be on and their definitions.

 Lime  Status: Very Active, Mostly Online (Applies to school and public holidays)

 Yellow  Status: Active, Sometimes Online (Applies to normal school weeks and general inactivity)

 Red  Status: Inactive, Rarely Online (Applies to exam studies and overseas travel)

Status Schedule

Status Time Period Event
1st Semester 2020
 Lime  1st Jan 2020 - 28th Jan 2020 School Holidays
 Yellow  28th Jan 2020 - 9th Apr 2020 School Term 1 & Lockdown
 Red  10th Apr 2020 - 13th Apr 2020 Easter
 Lime  13th Apr 2020 - 14th May 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown & Holidays
 Red  14th May 2020 - 14th May 2020 Only day of Term 2 Week 3
 Yellow  14th May 2020 - 21st May 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown
 Red  21st May 2020 - 21st May 2020 Only day of Term 2 Week 4
 Yellow  21st May 2020 - July? Coronavirus Lockdown


ModernArt is a town official in the following towns:

Town Station Position
Izumo  C34  Izumo - Financial Mayor
Woodsdale  ZN10  Woodsdale Deputy Mayor
Norwest No Station Mayor
New Southport No Station Mayor
Pasadena  A19 - T24  Voltsphere Mayor
Yuledan  H1  Foobar Mayor
Bearbury No Station Deputy Mayor
Lakeborough No Station Mayor
Lanark  C113  Foobar District Mayor
Southbank  SW19  Foobar Mayor Incumbent

Franchise List

ModernArt owns Norwest International Corporation, a parent company of other of his franchises. The following lists the franchises he owns or is authorised in.

Name Type Founded Motto Relations CEO Vice CEO
RealJacks Restaurant Unknown Burgers are better at Real Jacks. Owned ModernArt None
Lipton Ice Tea Drink Store 2017? A Lipton Beverage at your leverage Owned ModernArt None

Friend List

These are the players on MRT that ModernArt has got along with the most. This list has no particular order.














This will be used only in the under the event of bans or extreme inactivity. If I do appear back on the MRT it is under condition that I get all of these assets back from the caretakers, if you they would like to caretake. If both potential caretakers reject handling the asset, the asset will not be transferred and be left under my name. Hopefully this does not get used.

Asset 1st Caretaker 2nd Caretaker
Town of Izumo Hightech_TR SoaPuffball
Town of Norwest Hightech_TR London150
Town of Pasadena frogggggg i____7d
Town of New Southport London150 _Katla_
Town of Yuledan LegendPheonix26 frogggggg
Town of Lakeborough (if transferred to me for inactivity by Tech) TechsMinecraft54 Starcubed
NewEnteprise frogggggg i____7d
National Airlines frogggggg i____7d