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Ophelia Confederation

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Owned Cities Ophelia Confederation
( Federal Territories ( Janghwa | Seolho [ English|한국어|日本語 ] ) )
Owned Franchises Noonmir Inc. ( Sonamu | Circo Porto )
Ophelia Confederation
Flag of Ophelia, The Official Flag of Ophelia Confederation
Head of State (Governor-General) LithiumMirnuriX
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Vaccant, but de facto same as Head of State
Capital City and Federal Territory of Seolho (current, De facto)
Federal Territory of Janghwa (before split with Juhwa Islands)
Founded and Declared Sovereignty June 25, 2015 (Found date of Janghwa)
October 7, 2015 (Recognized as town of Janghwa)
June 2016 (handover Janghwa from Supykun)
January 2nd 2017 (Found date of Seolho)
Q1 2017 (Announced for Opened Parliment of Neo Ophelia, since October 10th 2017 in currently name)
March 11th 2018 (Recognized as town of Seolho)
 ??? (Declared Sovereignty of Ophelia Confederation)
Government Federal democracy (de facto)
Calling code and Telephone format

+62 (in CTS and ONP)

(0)Aa XX XX XX XX (Domestic format)
Country code (Alphabetical) OC / OPH

Ohpelia Confederation (Korean: 오펠리아 연방, Japanese: オフェリア連邦れんぽう is a federal republic like as Switzerland model with Oriental culture in server.


(this section is still WIP. stay tuned!)

June 25, 2015: Found date of Janghwa

October 7, 2015: Recognized as town of Janghwa

June 2016: handover Janghwa from Supykun

January 2nd 2017: Found date of Seolho

Q1 2017: Announced for Opened Parliment of Neo Ophelia, since October 10th 2017 in currently name

March 11th 2018: Recognized as town of Seolho

March 23th 2018: Joined as United Cities (Observer Status due not Declared Sovereignty yet)

Administration Division

(this section is still WIP. stay tuned!) Currently, Ophelia Confederation has 2 Federal Territories (준주) and 1 City and Federal Territory (연방직할시).

  • Federal Territory of Janghwa (Korean: 장화 준주) (Formerly called as Janghwa Metropolitan City)
    • Western Prefecture (Korean: 서부 현) (Provisional, Administered Ward 7.)
      • Unknown County (1) (Provisional, Formerly called Sado County)
        • Sewon District (세원구, 世原区)
        • Chakdo District (착도구, 着島区)
        • Gyosang District (교상구, 敎上区)
        • Saseung District (사승구, 私勝区)
    • Eastern Prefecture (Korean: 동부 현) (Provisional, Administered Ward 6.)
      • Unknown County (2) (Provisional, Formerly called Chodo County)
        • Jecho District (재초구, 裁草区)
        • Mirim District (미림구, 尾林区)

Main article: City and Federal Territory of Seolho#Administration Division

  • Federal Territory of Tropica (not have Oriental Name yet. And only known overseas territory. This territory is Handover from eliteneon)

Diplomatic Missions

(This Section is not Finished, Hold on!)

Diplomatic Missions of Ophelia Confederation

City-States (No one belong to any Sovereign States)
Solarion District, Achowalogen Takachsin (Embassy) (However, how to found Embassy? can give a hint?) (Also Covered Covina)
Cirque District, Deadbush (Embassy) (this embassy also cover Grand Mesa region Cities such Gemstride, Kota Lembah, Heampstead, Valletta)
Sultanate of Creeperville
Unknown, Creeperville (Embassy)

Diplomatic Missions in Ophelia Confederation

City and Federal Territory of Seolho
(None yet...)
Federal Territory of Janghwa
(None yet...)
Federal Territory of Tropica
(None yet...)


this State name is related by Ophelia from Master of Titan Mobile game (sadly, this game is discontinued).