City and Federal Territory of Seolho

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Seolho and Seolho Peninsula redirect here currently. For the Peninsula with this name, see Seolho Peninsula (Geography).

RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
City and Federal Territory of Seolho
Flag of Ophelia Confederation
Town officials
Mayor LithiumMirnuriX
Deputy Mayor Tom_Pairs
Sheriff (Attorney general)
Town Councillors none yet. but de facto same as of Janghwa City.
MRT None, I wish Zephyr Line Expansion in Eastern Seolho
Bus Transneige Sumari Bus (Joint Ventured with SHCTB)
Roadway(s) None
Water Seolho Peninsula Seaport (Operating by SHCTB Planned)
Airport(s) none

TransNeige (Joint Ventured with SHCTB if Innercity, Intercity)

SEAT (Intercity)
Facts and figures
Population 1 (Temporary Building)
Town hall coordinates None yet, but, Milestone is located as 80, Y, 13200
Founded January 2nd 2017
Recognized as town March 11th 2018 (de jure.)
Town rank [Councillor]
State Ophelia Confederation (for Nationality)
Official language(s)

Korean (Official)
English (American) and Japanese (Recognized)

Ainu (Indigenous)
World New
Post codes SE5 or SH5 (for VPS)
Political Party Neutral
Ward(s) 5
City Phone Code

+1 574 1
+1 (574)2 2

+62 (2)2 3

Seolho (officially called the City and Federal Territory of Seolho) (Korean: 설호 연방직할시, Japanese: 雪狐ゆききつね連邦直轄れんぽうちょっか) is a city located in the Southern Snowfield of the new MRT World. It was founded and currently owned by LithiumMirnuriX. it is also the replacement of Janghwa City due Lack of City Planning and Distorted Town Layout. also known to the only territory in the MRT to recognize use with Ainu Language (however, Ainu language is not the primary language. Ainu Language is used for native peoples.).


Coming Soon.

Pre-Claim era

  • Jan 1st, 2017: De facto Found a date.
  • Q1 2017 (forgot Completed Date): Completed 1st building, but renovated soon…
  • Apr 17th, 2017: Tom_pairs limited territory strictly. halted big plan…

Initial boundary era

  • Sep 3rd, 2017: built a temporary village hall. tear down foundation due territory limit
  • Jan. 27th, 2018: build as First House by Explorer Camp. still temporary build. not Permanently due to lack Planner
  • Feb. 5th, 2018: first building as other players. But, all other players building is a temporary permit under limited land resource. All building is relocated after territory Expansion.
  • Feb. 10th, 2018: first commercial building in this territory.
  • Feb. 27th, 2018: assigned official VPS code, but if planning metro network, how to assign plan? I don't wish to build like a Kowloon walled city. Originally planned city like as Canberra.

1st Expansion era (not confirmed)

  • March 10th, 2018: finished 10th completed building. but also need realignment.
  • March 11th, 2018: accepted 1st official expansion permit from tom. Now can build a sawmill near a forest and preparable metro. But don't forget to build something to keep the territory.
  • August 7th, 2018: preparing seaport foundation. But how larger seaport possible? (land resource is strictly regulated by tom. As a result, I must appoint tom for deputy mayor.)
  • October 28th, 2018: Basic City Layout is still under development in current limit. preparing a plot grid for can indexing faster…
  • Unknown (Planned): Connecting road from Other Cities. but, not connected Directly yet. However, Can I Build Quickly Before This GSM for an increased chance of approval agenda?
  • June 30th, 2019: FIrst Transit connection to other cities via ferry. However, Seaport Pier is under realignment phase.
  • September, 2019: Start building Midwestern Warp rail Hub station with joint development by SEAT

After Joining Commonwealth of Epsilon (official name is Republic of Epsilon)

  • January 13th, 2020: Finally participating Epsilon Republic under Autonomous Federation.


(this section is still under construction.)

Seolho Peninsula is located in the southern snowfield region of the MRT Epsilon Expansion where the Seolho Peninsula around Estival Sea.

(Ainu Name is under planning)

Administrative Divisions

Seolho Prefecture

District Map of Seolho Prefecture. (Disclaimer: Area code is Provisional and still work in progress)

Seolho Prefecture (Korean: 설호 현, Japanese: 雪狐Yuki-Kitsuneken) is located as Seolho Peninsula itself. also Westernmost Prefecture of Federal Territory of Seolho.

This Prefecture is focused as Commercial, Resident.

Region Name Remarks
Name Occidental Korean Japanese


Western Seolho
(Western Yukikitaune)
설호Seolho 서부Seobu

雪狐西 Yuki-Kitsune Nishi

Western part of Seolho Peninsula
Central Seolho
(Central Yukikitaune)
설호Seolho 중앙Jung-ang 雪狐中央

Yuki-Kitsune Chuō

Central part of Seolho Peninsula
Eastern Seolho
(Eastern Yukikitaune)
설호Seolho 동부Dongbu 雪狐東

Yuki-Kitsune Higashi

Eastern part of Seolho Peninsula

This District is almost Taiga Region. We keeped National Park for protect Native People's Settlement and Environment

단정Danjeong 丹頂Tanchō Provisual name

Tanchō mean Red-crowned crane in Japanese

This District is Located Temple of Crane and Part of Western Seolho Prefectual District.

Seaport 항구Hang-Gu Minato Provisional name. But this district is located Mainly seaport.
Foobar 1 Foobar Foobar This district is located as south of Western Seolho. Also, this area is Southern side of Southern Seolho. (Provisional name)
Foobar 2 Foobar Foobar This district is located as east of Western Seolho. Also, This area is northern side of Southern Seolho. (Provisional name)
Chashi Island 잣섬Jat-Seom チャシ島Chashi shima This District is not connected to mainland directly. Also planned Naval base.

This District name is based from Ainu Language.

Name and Terminology

The name "Seolho" or "Songmyo" is a literal Korean derivation word that means "Snow Fox" or "Pine Lynx". This word was created by using the traditional system of combining two different Hanja letters for naming a city, and hence, Seolho or Songmyo is not an actual word in the Korean language itself. (WIP)



Building in Seolho Prefecture
# Building Name Building Address Plot Type Owner Remarks
1 Seolho Peninsula Station transportation Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ophelia (Government of Ophelia Confederation) Planned for Hub Station in Midwestern Seolho.

Real First building is Lighthouse

2 Temporary City Hall Government Federal Territory Agency (Government of Ophelia Confederation)

This city hall is a temporary building due to a limited land resource. We planned to build bigger... If a secured land resource, we migrate City hall to a large building. Good luck!

3 Pioneer Camp Resident Government of Ophelia Confederation

Temporary Building
This Building is built as Hokkaido Native Architecture style.

this building is bundeled with 6 houses.

4 NeigePost (Post Office) Goverment Government of Ophelia Confederation Still Temporaty Building yet.
5 Funtime Arcade Commercial NKTrain Temporary Building
6 Community Treatment Center Resident


soso123Government of Ophelia Confederation Temporary Building

This building is under maintenance by Local government due Original builder is Banned from this server.

Currnetly, This building is Reused for Community Treatment Center (Field Hospital) until built Seolho Medical Center

7 soso123's resident Resident soso123Government of Ophelia Confederation Temporary Building

This building is seized by Local government due Building Owner is Banned from this server. Also use field doctor's resident.

8 Tacurger Shack Commercial SoaPuffBall Temporary Building
9 Seolho Prefectural office Government Government of Ophelia Confederation Included Trial court. Temporary Building.

The jurisdiction of this trial court is Western of Seolho Prefecture.

10 le Cafe de coin Commercial Temporary building
11 Enter Enterprise Commercial, office vulpicula insta-built, but also replaced if a rezoning
12 Seaport of Seolho Peninsula ?, Seaport avenue (??? District), Seolho Prefecture transportation Federal Maritime Transportation Agency (Government of Ophelia Confederation) Under construction. This seaport is planned as Main Hub of Maritime Transportation in this prefecture, provincial and national.
13 Ophelian Broadcasting Service Seolho HQ Mixed

(Broadcasting, Commerical)

Government of Ophelia Confederation (currently, building Holder) Under planning. We think need Replacement from Ninechannel in Our confederation. however, Need Layout...
14 Sonamu Commercial Viva La Vida Holdings (Franchise holder)

LithiumMaudX (Building foundation and supervisitor)

Under construction
15 Promenade blanche neige (MRT BOWL Facility) Mixed London150 (MRT Bowling alley itself)

LithiumMirnuriX (Building Self)

Under construction for Mall Section

blanche neige is mean as Snow White in French. Still renovating.

16 Danjeongsa Temple (Tanchō-ji, Temple of Crane) 1, Danjeong District Tourist Government of Ophelia Confederation Under construction
This architecture is influenced from former pal's culture (banned) but different from his building.
Tanchō-ji in Japanese, Temple of Crane in English
17 The Epsilia Seolho Office Media, Commerical i____7d (Newspaper itself)

Department of Internal Affairs and Communications (Building itself)

Building in Songmyo Prefecture
# Building Name Building Address Plot Type Owner Remarks

If wish build, send in-game mail, Discord or write our form. But, remember. Did relocate without Announcement due to city redevelopment act. (If active user, also notify relocation Announcement)


Work in progress

# Franchise Name Location Owner Remarks
1 Circo Porto NeigeInfo Studio 1F LithiumMirnuriX under renovating
2 Funtime Arcade (Owned Building) NKTrain
3 Tacurger Shack (Owned Building) SoaPuffBall
4 le cafe de coin (Owned Building)
5 Sonamu (Owned Building) Viva La Vida Holdings (Franchise holder) Initily Built by Noonmir Holdings under Owned by me. but still not Completed yet
6 MRT Bowling alley Promenade Blanche Neige 1F London150 Also Featured Maintenance Bay when Fault.

This Tech is allow place Bowling Alley above Surface.

6-1 Eat and Bowl Same as #6 Hightech_TR Bundled with MRT Bowl, but not yet Build
6-2 DAY DREAM Promenade Blanche Neige 2F _pie (underscorepie) Customized Store under Mall Model.

Bowling Line is omitted due That building is Already contained under MRT Bowl in Floor 1.

7 Dyson NeigeInfo Studio 1F MetroMap.SVG

Diplomatic Missions

if wish add list, write building application.

# Sovereign State Location Owner Remarks
1 Federal Republic of Osmald #1, Pan'gyo Prefectural District, Songmyo, Seolho (Lot No.) MetroMap.SVG Not yet started construction



(Work in progress)

B5700 Series is also planned for Regional road network in This city. and also assigned as territorial Road numbering too.

A 51 / A 59 (W) is also planned for Main Highway towards Whiteley. (But, Road number is Provisional.)


The seaport of Seolho Peninsula is planned for Main Transit Hub of Seolho Peninsula. however, due of limited land resource, We must divide Multiple division. (Western, Central-east and Freight)

if interesting Pier in this seaport, fill a this application.

Caution: Pier is still under renovating. sorry for the inconvenience (Exempt Pier 3 and 4 is currently due to need to operate a ferry.)

Central-Eastern Side
Pier Route Name Company Destination Service Remarks
[A1] Northern Side
1 Foobar Foobar (Owned by lfpp003) (Planned) Status: Service New.png Planned: Not Decided Destination Right side is blocked
2 Foobar mylesFerry (Planned) Status: Service New.png Planned: Not Decided Destination
Vacant Vacant Vacant Status: Service Indev.png Development In Progress (Small Boats Only)
3  4: Camellia Line  Hummingbird Boat Lines Status: Service Good.png Good service This Route is up to 4 Destinations
4  30: Saponaria Line  Hummingbird Boat Lines Status: Service Good.png Good service This Route is up to 4 Destinations
? Lapis Ferry Status: Service Good.png Good service
? TransNeige Maritimes
  • (WIP)
Status: Service Good.png Good service This Route is up to 4 Destinations


also, we preparing Warp Rail Station too.

SEAT - Southwald Lines
Wait a pending
Metro, Light Rail, Commuter Rail

also, we planning Metro network. Visit Seolho Municipal Metro for more information.


Originally, this territory is planned with Ainu culture. Sadly, must generic town currently due land resource is limited. But, also planned Mass Renovation named Project Asir Porosir or Project Asir Poro-Nonno (not mean disputed territories in real life! But it is possible Ainu equivalent of Janghwa).

Ainu Language

Currently, Seolho peninsula is only known use Ainu Language in MRT World. here is Seolho Ainu language. oddly, territory founder is not Ainu Native people (founder is Korean. not Ainu.). it means also have errors from real use. (but also trying Neologism. I wish traveling to Hokkaido…)

Words in
Equivalent Definition Remarks
English Korean Japanese Type Description
カニKaniルー Railway 철도 鉄道てつどう noun a track or set of tracks made of steel rails along which passenger and freight trains run. composition of Kani (mean as steel, iron, metal) and rū (mean a road) in Ainu.
神威KamuyチセCise Temple 사원 寺院じいん noun a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence. composition of kamuy (mean a deity) and cise (mean a house) in Ainu.
a synonym is House of deities.


For town information

가. ^ a b de facto
  1. ^ KSO format (inactived)
  2. ^ ONP (Ophelian Numbering plan) format, integrated
  3. ^ ONP (Ophelian Numbering plan) format, Domestic