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PVP, or Player-Versus-Player, is a minigame within vanilla Minecraft that is celebrated on the MRT. Over a dozen arenas exist for players to take part in the games, all accessible from B20 Station on the MRT Blue Line or in the new games lobby in the Games World, for arenas numbered over 12.

On the MRT, there are two main types of PVP.

Classic PVP

Wishington PVP Arena lobby in February 2014

Classic PVP pits two or more players together in an arena. PVP arenas are run using the plugin PVPArena and all games are run automatically. Each player has three lives in the arena, and once a player has died for the third time he or she is removed from the game and placed in the spectators' area over the arena.

Anyone can join a game by using the command /pa #, where # is the arena number you wish to join. To spectate, players only need to use the command /pa # spectate.

The following are numbered arenas that are managed by MinecraftYoshi26 and have been configured and are ready for use:

  1. Nether Fortress (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  2. The Jungle (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  3. Urban River (built by nighthawk998)
  4. Paradise Island (built by thomasfyfe)
  5. Towering Taiga Tree (built by MinecraftYoshi26 and computerghost)
  6. Labyrinth (built by tauqua)
  7. Nether Fortress 2 (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  8. The Mushroom Kingdom (built by godzilltrain)
  9. Lunar Laboratory (built by thomasfyfe)
  10. Biomes Galore (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  11. Candy Land (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  12. Floating Lands (built by MinecraftYoshi26)
  13. Halloween Hill (built by lalaboy)
  14. The Airport (built by Cortesi and godzilltrain)
  15. Mystic Forest (built by lalaboy)
  16. New Lancaster City (built by FredTheTimeLord)
  17. North Pole (built by megascatterbomb)
  18. Desert Tomb (built by dragonbloon419)
  19. Nuketown (built by MC_Protocol)
  20. Canal Warfare (built by jay_planner and Weier)

Team PVP

Team PVP is a style of PVP where groups of eight or more players are split into two teams and fight while trying to accomplish an objective.