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LocationSouthern California
Time zonePacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)
LanguageEnglish & Tagalog
BirthdayAugust 11, 2000
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Currently: Rivarennes
Previously:Redwood, Dana Point, Victorian City, Centennial, Frost City, The Port City of Victoria

Hi! The name is MC Protocol, and I am Filmmaker/Photographer who also plays on the Minecart Rapid Transit Server. I admire the concept of Architecture and design on the side, which you can observe noticeable on some of my projects like Dana Point and Redwood. I joined the server in 2014 intending to make friends and inspire people by showing those my work.


Many of my projects revolve around creating cities and making them the best as possible. These are list from below Note: * are currently active project

Redwood Victoria Victorian City
Frosty City Dana Point N/A
Centennial Rochshire N/A