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Director of Terraforming and Architecture
MC Protocol.png
Location Southern California
Time zone Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)
Language(s) English & Tagalog
Gender self-explanatory
Birth date August 11 2000
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Notable projects Dana Point Victorian City Centennial Frost City The Port City of Victoria
Joined Feb 3rd 2014
Accepted Feb 5th 2014
Councillor October 11th 2014
Mayor Somewhere in December or November
Senator April 2018
Governor TBA
Moderator Probably Never
Administrator Probably Never
Supporter April 15th 2015
Social networks
YouTube by.frosty
Twitter Twitter handle (@defrostedified)
Instagram @by.frosty
Personal website Blank

Hey I'm MC_Protocol or you can call me Yoki.

My History

Around Mid - January My History of joining the MRT started like this. It Started in January 2014, around the time _frozen was given Ryzon (Known as "Fairfax" now) I Saw the MRT Server on Frumple Channel in November 2013. On The 29th in January, I Applied to the MRT Server and Later Accepted.

February 5th 2014 - April 4th 2014 Around 4:31 PM, I Decided to start a City like everyone else on the MRT Server. My First Build was MC_Tasty and later around the MC_Tasty came Frost City, My First Modern City in MRT. This City had connections to other city's. To the North is Morningside, To the Southwest is Fairfax and to the West is Minetown.

April 4th 2014 Centennial came around 9:00 AM on the 4th. I Ask ComputerGhost about the exit between  R13  Audenville and  R12  Talihina on InterMap I-1/I-3. I asked ComputerGhost if the spot was free to build on and it was. I redesigned the exit, and Then the road leading straight through the W.I.P City. More Info Of Centennial Can be Found on the Wiki Page

July 12th 2014

GSM Meeting, Around 4:00 PM during the GSM I was Promoted to [Trusted]

October 4th 2014

Started building on the new world and was set back one rank to [Trustee]. That same day started building that road to which Had started my new main city Victorian City. Also Built the first Minesoft Store.

October 11th 2014

Promoted to [Councillor] Rank with a town size of 11 builds.

December or November Earn my title of [Mayor] Victorian City now at 20 Builds

"'April 15, 2015"' Bought my Supporter Rank

How You Can Contact Me



Achievement get!
Trusted to Be Here
Receive the rank of Trusted.
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Receive the rank of Member.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Test Subject
Connect to the beta Minecraft server.
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Connect to Mumble.
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My hair's on fire
Get shocked by chiefbozx.
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Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Mayor.
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What Did I Do
Get shocked by Frumple.
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Know how to use Dynmap.
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Down to Business
Attend a GSM.
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Get revenge on someone who played a prank on you.
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Stellar DJ
Connect to the radio.
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Alpha Tester
Test a prototype of MRT version 5.

My Own Achievements

Note: You Can Also get my Achievements

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Be a Skilled Modern Builder
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Mile High Club
Achieved The Highest Rank
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Welcome Back
Been a Member of the MRT for a long Time and Came On The Opening of the New World


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Master the skills of Technomancing
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Modern Builder
Build A Modern House in Console then Build it On PC