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City-State of Paixton
Mayor CaptLincoln
Deputy Mayor mjpwwf
Additional Information
Build Count 111
Districts Paixton
New Paixton
Industrial Yard
Primary Exports Paixton Missiles
Paixton Tank Factories


Paixton is the city of many buildings. It grew from a small settlement on the west side of the MRT line to a medium-sized city to the east, over 650,000 square blocks. While many the city is large, there is a lot of open space for franchises and other things. The city is divided into three sectors: Paixton, New Paixton, and Canre. Paixton is the original city, found right on the MRT station of D22. New Paixton is the main sector of the city in the north-northwest. It contains the Paixton War College, the KIA Military base, and the Paixton Missleworks. This is centered around the Lake Mjpwwf Ring Road. The third and final sector, Canre, is a recently acquired station to the south. It helps connect Paixton to the Circle Line, at D23/C65, which is also conveniently the end of the Desert Line. The three sectors form the City of Paixton.

The Paixton Ideology

The purpose of the city is to prove that two things we consider opposites are, in fact, intertwined closely together. Imagination and creativity flow freely from the minds of all architects in this city of 100+ builds. Many have called out Paixton for lacking a theme, but that very lack of a theme is the theme. In other words, the "chaos" in theming for the city is, in fact, the order. But that orderly "theme" of random builds is absolute chaos.

State Organization

The City of Paixton was reorganized into the State of Paixton(SoP) on July 20th, 2016. It is divided into 6 districts: Paixton, New Paixton, Old Paixton, Canre, Lake Mjpwwf Ring Road, and Industrial Yards. Each has its own district government, but all are subordinates to the Supreme Leader. The leadership works by having the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, then the various state level officials. Then comes the district level leaders and their cabinets, and then so on. The Districts are divided into Neighborhoods, which each elect a representative to serve in the District Congress, who vote in the district leader, who represents the district during the State Congress.

Government Organization

There is only one Mayor, who chooses the Deputy Mayor and his cabinet. The Cabinet features the President, Vice President, and the Ministers of Interior, War, Defense, Treasury, State, Deputy Mayor, Postmaster General, and Health, Public Safety, and Education. Each oversee their individual departments. There is also the State Supreme Court, which is headed by the Supreme Justice, one of 7 justices voted on by the State Congress. The State Congress comprises of 7 legislators and 1 Speaker. There is 1 legislator per district, plus 1 chosen by the Mayor. The Speaker is the Vice President. The Congress passes legislation by a 4/3 vote. In cases of absentations, the Speaker gets the deciding vote. The District Legislatures are voted in by the neighborhoods. These neighborhoods double as voting districts. Each VD gets 1 legislator in the district legislature. These decide more local matters like building permits and the like. The district courts handle petty crimes and the like. Each district legislature chooses one person to act as the representative to the State Congress and the District Leader. They appoint the district courts and other things that vary from district to district. The Mayor is the ultimate authority.

Town History

Early Days

The city was originally founded on the 17th of August, 2015. It began at station D22. While the original town hall and buildings began on the west side of the MRT Line, it quickly swapped sides. The first few days were chaotic as the town went from member to citizen and quickly to trustee. By the time I was trustee, the city had 34 buildings and had 6 more under construction. It was a period of rapid growth.

The Town Ranks

By the time the councilor rank came around, I was redesigning my town hall. The city had expanded beyond the expectations of many, and it pleased the moderators and admins. I quickly gained Councillor. I then finished by Town Hall and began making plans to expand northward.

Expansion and Progress

When I got Mayor, I had just conducted a huge, pivotal expansion to the north, creating what can be viewed as an entirely new city. I also began dividing the city into its current organization. The Paixton Missileworks came into being. I christened the lake nearby Lake Mjpwwf, after the good friend and mayor of Danielston. I developed that area heavily very quickly, and made a name for myself. A sign of this was the KIA requesting to build a base in the north. It was quite the debacle with my neighbor to the north, Bexley. And then, the chance of a lifetime: I was given permission to take over the city that controlled the end of the Desert Line: Canre. The city was now the at its current state. The development process is still ongoing, and the city is progressing in its services and infrastructure.

Government Officials

Mayor of Paixton: CaptLincoln
Deputy Mayor of Paixton: mjpwwf
City Administrators: Vulpicula
Supreme Justice: N/A
District Manager, Paixton: The_Alpha_Girl
District Manager, New Paixton: N/A
District Manager, Canre: N/A
District Manager, Old Paixton: N/A
District Manager, Industrial Yard: N/A
District Manager, Lake Mjpwwf Ring Road: N/A
Department Directors: N/A

Government Departments

Paixton Department of the Interior
Paixton Department of Defense
Paixton Department of the Treasury
Paixton Department of State
Paxton Department of Health, Education, and Public Safety


A full list of the actual text documents will soon be published. The PueffNelson Act: Any business not owned by PueffNelson is permitted to build in Paixton without discrimination based on origin, type, or owner.

The Distributed Power and Authority Act: The power of the Mayor is distributed among the different officials of government. The Mayor is the ultimate power in all cases, however.

The Justice Act: The courts will be allowed to operate independent from government. However, the Mayor has final decision on all court decisions.

The Apprehension Act: People may not be apprehended for any crime not involving the destruction of property or being of others without a warrant.

The Free Commerce Act: Commerce is permitted freely, as long as the items being sold are legitimate and not vulgar.

The Anti-Communism Act: Any and all political parties practicing communism must henceforth be disbanded within the city. Failure to do so will result in the pursuing of legal cases for treason. If a communistic party is to be created after the ratification of this act, they will be destroyed using military force.

The Military Act: The Paixton Armed Forces are officially sanctioned as the cities primary military force. Their page is available at their page.

The Alliance Act: In the event an ally is attacked by a hostile power, Paixton is required to send as much aid as possible unless otherwise impossible to do so.

The Intellegence Act: This creates the Paixton Intellegence Agency(PIA), and states their mission as: "To gather, comprehend, and publish information relating to the enemies of the state, and to advise sister agencies and organizations on a course of action".

The Armed Trade Act: This creates the Paixton Armaments Security Force,(PASF), whose missions is: "To defend the weapons and armaments of war against all threats while being manufactured, transported, and delivered from manufacturer to supply dump".

The Dictatorship Act: Permits the creation of a democratic despotism, in which the Mayor is declared Supreme Leader and is called "Kaiser". The congress and courts will remain in place and will exist to advise His Majesty on ideas, but are otherwise powerless against him.

The LAPTMA Act: LAPTMA(Lets Achieve Peace Through Military Action) has full permission to deploy armed forces in defense of the city, as are they permitted to use the city as a staging base. They also gain the second priority of the Paixton Armaments, INC.

The Nuclear Act: Permits the widespread production, stockpiling, arming, and firing of World Devastator-Class Missles and below.

The Power Initiative Act: Permits the construction of all sorts of power and infrastructure framework required for the city.

The Isolationist Act: The State will no longer intervene in world politics, rather it will remain isolated within its own world. All trade agreements, alliances, permits, and other documents related are hereby declared null and void.


Government Opportunities

Government Jobs: Department Directors




Congress, all positions

Armed Forces

Franchise Opportunities

Contact the Mayor

Residentship and Citizenship Opportunities

Contact the Mayor

Governor Checklist

Furnish all Builds Priority One Status: 90%

Fill In Empty Space Between South and North Priority One Status: 40%

Construct DD to the West of MRT Station Priority One Status: 1%

150 Buildings Priority One Status: 66%

Landscape South Priority Two Status: 30%

Infrastructure Priority Three Status: 25%

Pavements Priority Three Status: N/A

Terraform Priority Two Status: FINISHED

Expand Overhead Metro Priority Three Status: FINISHED

Construct Second Road Connection To New Paixton Priority Two Status: FINISHED

6 Month Wait Priority Three Status: FINISHED

Governor will be attempted again when 2/3 are completed or when all Priority One qualifications are met