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Pine Mountain

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Alert.png Town has been merged into PMW City, page preserved for historical purposes.
Pine Mountain
Town Officials
Mayor dragonbloon419
Deputy Mayor BuildPilot
Nearest Airport Pine Mountain Airfield
Other transit PMM, IntraRail, WTA Metro(Planned),PMW(Y)DOT Bus
Facts and Figures
Founded September 2016
Recognized as town 11/13/16
Town Rank Senator
Official Language(s) English
World New
Ward(s) 9

Founding and Geography

Pine Mountain's Town Hall

The town of Pine Mountain was created by BuildPilot shortly after he became a member. It is located in the northeast of the MRT and currently doesn't have a station. However, a Northern Line station is planned there. The land Pine Mountain is built on, is very mountainous and mostly stone. Pine Mountain was named after the large mountain covered with spruce trees that is currently across from the local "Forest Eatery." Pine Mountain is near a bay and across the ocean from SuperSamuel25's "Ocean City," it is also just south of dragonbloon419's town of Welsbury. Pine Mountain is the town's official name, but is mostly just called Pine Mtn or even PM.

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain's Community and Industry


  • Narnia17
  • knowmads7
  • AutumnPumpkin
  • Vacancy (/mail BuildPilot in game)
  • SuperSamuel25
  • dragonbloon419
  • SoSo123
  • aviaracer


  • General Motors
  • Forest Eatery
  • 13735 Estate Agents
  • Phoenix Tail Hotel
  • Pamsterlin Hospital Center
  • Foxfire Pyrotechnic Factory
  • Farrell Hotel
  • Melon Shop
  • New Age Tech Corp.
  • MBC News
  • Martyn's Money Bank
  • Red Express Convenience Store
  • Style Inc.
  • Auntie Marilyn's
  • Redstone Consultancy
  • Frosty's Ice Cream
  • Trinity Cafe
  • MineKE Shoe Store
  • Aliklolly

Pine Mountain has a Chamber of Commerce that helps keep all the franchises within the law and pulling their weight. Logging and tech are large industries in Pine Mtn. and are expected to grow as the town expands. Pine Mountain is always open to entrepreneurs and people looking to create something new. Tourism is one of Pine Mountain's biggest industries as well, due to the scenic land the town has been built on. The local Tourism Department Office is down the street from the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is expected to grow to include all the franchises that will join it as the town grows. Pine Mountain is a proud member of TRONC and houses a large office building full of offices held by each member of TRONC. To claim an office, contact BuildPilot or _Kastle using /mail in game. Pine Mountain is waiting on the completion of the PMDoT office building. Pictures will be posted on the day of completion.

The local Chamber of Commerce (PMCOC)
The local Tourism Department (PMTD)


Pine Mountain is a place for leisure and relaxation. With so many stunning views and the great nightlife, Pine Mountain is the perfect spot for a vacation. Below are some places and a short summary of each for when you visit.

  • The Lilac Art Gallery

This gallery was built as a center for the arts in Pine Mountain. It is near the Modern Acres Theatre, making it a little center for both the performing arts and the physical arts. The gallery currently holds exhibits by several artists like: hnt, camelfantasy, and SoSo123.

The Lilac Art Gallery of Pine Mountain
  • Pine Mountain Town Hall

This was the first building built in Pine Mountain and certainly the most important. The town hall holds the official town records as well as the offices for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

  • Nettle Park

This is a beautiful little park situated near the hydroelectric dam. It has a simple park trail around a lake and a small spruce forest. Perfect for a relaxing stroll any time of day.

  • Mdbro Tower

This is the office skyscraper in Marimo Bay and holds the Northeast offices for the Mdbro Corporation.

Mdbro Tower in the Marimo Bay District.
  • Pearl Harbor Sculpture

This sculpture was built as a memorial to all those who fell during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Day 2016 Sculpture
  • Pine Mountain Hydroelectric Dam

This dam provides power for a large portion of Pine Mountain and has plenty of energy in reserve for emergencies.

Pine Mountain's Hydroelectric Dam
  • The Modern Acres Theatre

This is a small performing arts center in the Modern Acres District. It is perfect for VIP shows and special showings of movies. (Use /mail BuildPilot to rent the theatre for your own show!)

The Modern Acres Theatre


PMM or Pine Mountain Metro is the official transportation of Pine Mtn. The system is being constructed and will include up to 6 stations on 2 color lines. The rolling stock is based off of the New Jersey Transit trains. To place an ad in a station, use /mail BuildPilot. IntraRail service to Lanark operates out of the Pine Mountain IntraRail station. Soon enough, bus service and trolley service will be made available to all Pine Mountain citizens. With the town still growing rapidly, inner-city transportation will surely change due to town growth. The Pine Mountain Airfield or PMA, is operational with several flights to popular destinations around the MRT. An airport is expected in the future when the city grows to a larger size.

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
towards Lanark
IntraRail Pinecone Limited
Pine Mountain Station

Military and Justice

Pine Mountain was situated between the war between SuperSamuel25 and EliteNeon in the August of 2016. Back then, the town didn't even have 10 buildings and yet it was in the crossfire. So to make sure such a situation never occurred again, Pearl Coast built "Outpost Echo" to watch over Pine Mountain until the local justice department grows to a sufficient size. The town is currently planning a large courthouse and police force to keep Pine Mountain safe and fair. This will be especially important as outer-city transportation grows.