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Alert.png Note: Following former mayor EliteNeon's departure Risima will become part of Twickenham with a rapid action integration plan to expand the railways westward into the region following a roll back of the land, due to land flattening. This page will be kept until the buildings of Risima are sorted and removed. Regards, The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham Alert.png

The City of Risima
Town Officials
Deputy Mayor TBA
Founder EliteNeon
Water Hummingbird Boat Lines- Lunch Key Operations Base
Nearest Airport Nearest Is Vegeta City Airfield
Facts and Figures
Population 2
Town Hall Coordinates IDRK
Founded Epsilon Day (12-30-16)
Recognized as town Soon
Town Rank Councilor
World Gamma-Epsilon
Ward(s) 8

The City of Risima is a planned city located on the Island of Wimbeldon. It currently has 8 builds but has land claimed and ready. MIKE24DUDE claimed the Eastern half of the Camino sized island (sorry smae) and plans to SMP are being made.


The City of Risima was concieved as soon as Frumple announced Epsilon. The name "Risima" is actually a code word used as Shadowpoint's airport plans. Risima itself stands for Rip In Small I Miss Airports. Elite would name Shadowpoint's heliport that as he knows that shadowpoint would never get an airport. The City officially broke ground on December 30th and achieved Councillor some time within January and February.


Peony Meadows

The founding district of Risima. It is mainly a residential district with some government buildings. This district has densely populated townhome areas in the middle with housing complexes towards the outskirts.