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Director Of Directors, Neon Lighting, Nuclear Weaponry, Infrastructure (tm)
LocationMichigan, USA
Time zoneEastern Standard/Daylight Time (GMT -05:00)
Birth dateNovember 21st, 2005
MRT information
Current rank[Conductor]
Notable projectsShadowpoint
New Mackinaw
Clipper Airlines
Highway B1.png
JoinedJune 1st, 2015
AcceptedApril 3rd, 2016
CitizenMay 13th, 2016
TrusteeJune 16th, 2016
CouncillorJune 28th, 2016
MayorJuly 18th, 2016
ConductorJuly 9th, 2022
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Hello, I'm EliteNeon. I joined the server in late August, 2015, and became member on April 3rd, 2022. As of April 6th, 2022, I have been a member for exactly 6 years. I'm currently a [Conductor] (Class of July '22) I am Mayor of Shadowpoint, which is my main project. Shadowpoint a gamma town spread across the mountains of the New Indigo Peninsula at  C6  Shadowpoint-Birch Coast Station. My side project is the town of New Mackinaw, one of the first towns settled on Zeta Expansion Day. New Mackinaw sits on the Strait of New Ambition and is across from its close neighbor, Oparia. I am the Vice-President and a founding member of the Metropolitan North Association, a Regional MPO focused on the Northern Ocean Community. In addition, I am the President of the Shadowpoint Republic, a nation of towns that I own as well as towns owned by close friends. I am a founder and Co-CEO of Clipper Airlines, one of the MRT's up-and-coming mainline carriers. I own Dow Jones Company, a holding company that owns in addition to a partial share in Clipper, Pajo's Fish and Chips and Menards. I have a frankly earned history of having a temper and being difficult to talk to, however I am working on that problem and I welcome new friends and new contacts. I am usually active on weekends on the server, and all days on discord.