Siletz Armed Forces

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Alert.png The SAF is seeking military allies. If you would like to be one, please contact me, MeetMeInSpace, in game.
Siletz Armed Forces
Flag of Siletz.png
Service Branches Siletz Army
Siletz Navy
Siletz Airforce
Siletz Police
Allegiance Siletz
Headquarters Primary
Camp White Swan
Government District, Siletz
Allies Primary
Pearl Coast
Supreme Commander MeetMeInSpace
General of Military AlikSong
The Crane Revolution

The Siletz Armed Forces, or SAF for short, is an army commanded by MeetMeInSpace that is the armed force of the City-State of Siletz and if needed, in other towns or cities. There are many departments in SAF and more will be created as needed. The purpose of the SAF is to serve and protect Siletz, its territories, and its allies. It consists of the Siletz Army, Siletz Navy, Siletz Air Force, and the Siletz Police.


The headquarters for the SAF is located in the Government District of Siletz.

Siletz Army


Siletz Navy


Siletz Air Force

The Siletz Air Force (SAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the Siletz Armed Forces. It is the most recent branch of the Siletz military to be formed and is one of MRT's most technologically advanced air force.



The Hovercraft is a type of aircraft used by the City-State of Siletz, mainly by the Siletz Armed Forces. They serve a variety of roles from transportation to aerial combat. It is manufactured by the Siletz Armed Forces in an undisclosed location. A hovercraft may be equipped with a large claw for lifting or grabbing, harpoons attached to cables, and nets. They are also fairly quiet, not making a sound, which allows them to appear without warning.

The Hovercraft V1 by day
The HovercraftV1 by night

Siletz Police

The SAF Police Bureau (SPB), officially the Siletz Bureau of Police, is the law enforcement agency of the the City-State of Siletz.


The SAF Police Bureau provides numerous services to the citizens of Siletz area, including:

Patrol Unit: 9-1-1 and emergency response.

Detectives Unit: Siletz Bureau of Police detectives are members of the Siletz major crimes unit,
as such they will assist other agencies.

Air Support Unit: The Air Support Unit is used for high-risk situations, or for warrant service.
Siletz Bureau of Police currently owns fifteen hovercraft and five planes.

Crisis Intervention Team: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers are assigned to each precinct and aid the dealing with calls
with disabled people. These officers receive an additional 40 hours of training in dealing with people with disabilities.

Crisis Response Team: The mission of the SBP's Crisis Response Team (CRT)
is to intervene in traumatic situations which impact the community at large.

Hostage Negotiation Team: The Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) responds to hostage
situations and uses phycology to resolve situations safely without the use of force.

Mounted Patrol Unit: The mounted police unit is primarily used for crowd control at large events.

Rapid Response Team: The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is SBP's riot control team,
responding to large political rallies/gatherings.

School Resource Officer: A School Resource Officer (SRO) responds to crimes within any school within Siletz Public Schools.
Each Siletz high school is assigned an SRO.

Special Emergency Response Team: The Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), better known as SWAT,
responds to incidents involving uncooperative armed suspects (such as barricaded subjects or hostage situations).

Transit Police: Many SBP officers operate out of precincts as transit police on the SRM system.
They work alongside private security guards.

Traffic Division: Officers working within the Traffic Division are primarily on motorcycles (instead of police cars).
Traffic officers daily tasks include enforcement of driving under the influence laws, aggressive driving watch,
response to traffic crashes, and enforcing moving violations. Traffic officers also handle all types pf law enforcement emergency calls.

Technical Assistance Response Unit: The Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU) is a unit of the Siletz Bureau of Police.
TARU provides investigative technical equipment and tactical assistance to all bureaus within the department.
In addition, they also provide assistance to other municipalities and federal agencies. The unit also deals with several forms of computer forensics.

Major Case Unit: The Major Case Squad (MCU) is a division within the Siletz Bureau of Police.
The detectives of these divisions typically investigate crimes beyond the scope of normal squads.

Auxiliary Police: The SAF Auxiliary Police is a volunteer reserve police force of the Siletz Bureau of Police. Auxiliary Police Officers assist the SBP with uniformed patrols, providing traffic control, crowd control, and other major events.