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Flag of Siletz.png
Town officials
Mayor MeetMeInSpace
Deputy Mayor AlikSong
MRT  V13  Siletz
 V14  Foobar
Bus  Arrivé Bus Lines  4  
 Arrivé Bus Lines  465  
Roadways Highway A4.png
Other transit Siletz-Royalston Metro
Facts and figures
Population 10
Town hall coordinates X:2792 Y:73 Z:3105 (U/C)
Founded March 14, 2015
Recognized as town Sometime between March-June
Town rank Senator
Official language(s) English
World Gamma
Post codes  SI4 
Political Party N.E.P
Other info
Nation City-State of Siletz
City Flower
City Bird
City Tree
Azure Bluet
Western meadowlark
Douglas fir

Siletz is a city mainly located in an expansive plains biome and some parts of a swamp biome. Siletz is accessible via the MRT Valley Line at stations V13 and V14. Nearby major cities include San Reinoldi to the north. A short way to the south is the small yet growing town of Royalston which is owned by QueenSmae. A road connection has been built between the two towns, along with a rail connection.


Siletz was founded on March 14th, 2015. The first building built in Siletz was the Grand Court Tower located directly left of the east exit of the  V13  Siletz station. Businesses by BnL were the first companies to pop up in Siletz's latest Business District, Division/Clinton.


Downtown Siletz

This area is the cultural and business center of Siletz. Siletz’s compact, walkable downtown offers easy access to great food, green spaces, cultural offerings and tax-free shopping. Browse the city’s most diverse mix of retail brands, see a show and grab a bite at a food cart or fine restaurant. Downtown Siletz is easily accessible via car, bike or public transportation, with a mix of on-street, private and public parking garages.


Today, Siletz’s Oldtown neighborhood is a bustling entertainment district, home to the famous Siletz Saturday Market, Voodoo Doughnuts, and Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Northwest Siletz/Yzuhr Heights

Victorians, boutiques, and restaurants line the streets of this neighborhood that're ideal for leisurely strolls while the adjoining Yzuhr Park was made for hikes.

Lloyd District

Easily accessible via light rail and streetcar, the Lloyd District contains the convention center, MRT’s largest mall, and the Stadium, which hosts events and concerts.


North Mississippi Avenue features a long stretch of stores, bars, and restaurants; the acclaimed eateries and bars on up-and-coming North Williams are just half a kilometer away.

Alberta Arts District

Lined with shops, galleries, restaurants and bars, Northeast Alberta Street erupts into a colorful street fair on the last Thursday of every month.

Central Eastside

Just across the Rogue River from downtown, Siletz’s Central Eastside blends warehouses, train tracks and a rising tide of restaurants, microbreweries, and after-hours hot spots, plus access to riverside recreation.


This pair of close-in Southeast Siletz streets features block after block of must-see — and must-eat — destinations.


Located a few blocks from Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Belmont boasts its own mix of vintage and indie shops, coffee houses, bars, and food carts.


Eclectic is the norm on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, a walkable street with block after block of vintage shops, boutiques and cafés.


Historic Sellwood-Moreland boasts an array of shops, vintage vendors, and restaurants, as well as a rambling wildlife refuge — all just minutes from downtown.



The MRT Valley Line station  V13  Siletz stops here.

Previous station Next station
 V12  Loudoun
towards Central City—Northeast Station
 V13  Siletz  V14  Foobar
towards V28


Siletz also has a metro system, which has 4 partially open and 3 planned mass rail lines with 14 stations.
More info can be found here : Siletz-Royalston Metro

Third-Party Rail

Coming soon.


Innercity Buses
Line Destination Bus Stops
SR 1 Siletz to Royalston via B45 (Stops) - V13 Station - Kennewick Southeastern - Central Eastside - Siletz Transit Mall - Royalston
Intracity Buses

There is currently 5 occupied bus spaces and 2 reserved in the Siletz Transit Centre. 8 spaces are currently empty.

Line Destination Bus Stops Status
 W1  Sealane to Siletz via A4 (Stops) - Sealane - Loudoun - Siletz  On Time 
TTC1 Matheson VIA Oakley and Siletz (Stops) - Matheson - Oakley - Siletz  Suspended 
IC1 Matheson VIA Oakley and Siletz (Stops) - Siletz - Sealane - Formosa  Planned 

City News

  • 3/4/15: Road Planning began
  • 3/9/15: Main Street Finished
  • 3/10/15: Town Under Construction
  • 4/5/15: Town Hall Under Construction
  • 4/10/15: Downtown Finished
  • 4/15/15: Commercial District Under Construction
  • 5/20/15: Commercial District Partially Finished
  • 5/21/15: BnL Store Under Construction
  • 5/31/15: Fashion District Planning Started
  • 6/5/15: BnL Management Building Under Construction
  • 6/7/15: Siletz MAX Management Building Under Construction
  • 6/7/15: Upgraded Siletz ARM Management Building Under Construction
  • 6/7/15: U Tech Management Building Under Construction
  • 6/13/15: New transit system in Siletz is Planned
  • 8/20/15: New City Hall Planned
  • 8/20/15: BnL builds Wind Turbines in Siletz in replacement of its Coal Power Plant.
  • 9/30/15: Siletz MAX and Siletz ARM defunct. Siletz now planned to use Arrivé
  • 3/18/16: This hasn't been updated in a while so, Siletz is now at Senator Rank, it is a thriving city with now two stations, it is now building it's third and final city hall, construction of its first arena has started, it's now connected to a highway, the A4, new bus terminal built, new Deputy Mayor, AlikSong, Siletz Metro is constructing 5 new lines, road built to San Reinoldi and Loudoun, Siletz's business district is the fastest growing neiborhood in Siletz, extension to the other side of the MRT line.

How to get to Siletz

From Central Park, travel Northeast to Bleakwood St. and then take the MRT Valley Line at the  V1 - P1 - FX - XE1  Central City—NE Station to  V13  Siletz. It takes about 13 minutes via Valley Line according to MRTraintime.

Building & Plots


There are a few regulations in Siletz when building.

When building multi-story buildings make the space between floors 2 blocks thick. Though some buildings don't follow this rule it is encouraged to.

When building floors make each floor 4 blocks high. Though some buildings don't follow this rule it is encouraged to.

When building a franchise or house do not build past the second block on sidewalks. The only time when you can build past the first block is when building a roof of some sort. Everyone is expected to follow this rule.


There are five different kinds of plots in Siletz.

COMMERCIAL - Shops, Small Office Space, Franchises, etc. Marked with LIGHT BLUE wool.

RESIDENTIAL - Dorms, Inns, Apartments, Condominiums, Detached Housing, etc. Marked with LIME wool.

RESERVED ZONING - Self explanitory. Marked with BLACK wool.

INDUSTRIAL - Factories, Warehouses, Utility Plants, etc. Marked with ORANGE wool.

MIXED-USE ZONING - Self explanitory. Marked with RED wool.

GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES - Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, etc. Marked with MAGENTA wool.

TOURISM - Hotels, Landmarks, Historical Sights, etc. Marked with PURPLE wool.

EDUCATION - Any type of school, etc. Marked with BLUE wool.

TALL BUILDINGS - Highrise, Skyscraper, etc. Marked with CYAN wool.

To get a plot in Siletz, ask MeetMeInSpace in-game or through the /mail command.