Spirit Airlines

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Spirit Airlines
Less Money, More Go
Corporate Information
CEO _Kastle
Ownership _Kastle (51%)
woorich999 (49%)
Parent Company N/A
Facts and figures
Founded May 28th, 2018
Airline Information
Alliance Not in an alliance

Hi yes, this is Spirit Airlines wikipage. We are the MRT's #1 budget airline, WE ARE SPIRIT We have 2 flights and 5 gates. Good for us.

Flight List
Spilogo.png SP1 NGY
New Gensokyo
◙◙ ◙◙ MMA
Eastern Active1.png
Spilogo.png SP2 RVA
◙◙ ◙◙ GSM
Eastern Closed1.png
Spilogo.png SP3 CBI
Chan Bay
◙◙ ◙◙ ???
Eastern Closed1.png