Richville International Airport

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Richville International Airport
Airport typeCivilian
OperatorRichville Port Authority
LocationSoutheastern New World
Hub for
BuiltJanuary 2nd, 2019 - January 18th, 2019
In useJanuary 18th, 2019 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 / 36 tbd tbd Black Concrete
Statistics (January 2018)

Richville International Airport, or RVA, is an international airport located in Richville on the New World. It is located at  P47 . The airport took many months to construct and was built by woorich999 with the help of MojangChan, camelfantasy, Frosty_Creeper10, and Citybuilder. The airport serves the city of Richville. The airport was completed in the beginning of 2019.


Gate Airline Destination
Concourse A
A1 BART Airlines Segville International
A2 IntraAir Elecna Bay International Airport
A3 FlyMighty Murrville-Arcadia International
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
A4 BluAir MRT International Airport
A5 BluAir Kenthurst Aerodrome
A6 BluAir Hub Hopper Murrville-Arcadia International
Mason City International Airport
A7 BluAir Hub Hopper New Bakersville City Airfield
Ilirea Midcity Airport
A8 BluAir Hub Hopper Tranquil Forest Airfield
West Mesa International Airport
A9 BluAir Hub Hopper Chan Bay International Airport
A10 BluAir Chan Bay Municipal Airport
Evella Airport
A11 BluAir Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport
Redwood Executive Airport
A12 BluAir Pine Mountain Airfield
Wythern Airfield
A13 BluAir Geneva Bay New Indigo International Airport
Southoak South Plains Airport
A14 BluAir Las Playas International Airport
A15 BluAir
A16 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
A17 JiffyAir Chan Bay International Airport
A18 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
A19 Waypoint Murrville-Arcadia International
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
A20 BART Airlines Segville International
A21 BluAir
Concourse B (Infamous Airlines Concourse)
B1 Infamous Airlines Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
B2 Infamous Airlines Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
B3 Infamous Airlines West Mesa International Airport
Ilirea Midcity Airport
B4 Infamous Airlines Kantō International Airport
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
B5 Infamous Airlines Ocean Suburb International Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
B6 Infamous Airlines Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Pasadena Airfield
B7 Infamous Airlines West Calbar Regional Airport
Peacopolis Airfield
Northern Trail Airfield
B8 Infamous Airlines Xilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield
Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
Lanatam Airfield
B9 Infamous Airlines
B10 Infamous Airlines
B11 Infamous Airlines
B12 Infamous Airlines
B13 Infamous Airlines
B14 Infamous Airlines
B15 Infamous Airlines
B16 Infamous Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International
Freedon Silverwood International Airport
B17 Infamous Airlines Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport
B18 Infamous Airlines Andromeda International Airport
B19 Infamous Airlines
B20 DDR Airlines Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
B21 Infamous Airlines Ice Springs Regional Airport
MineCity Regional Airport
Concourse C
C1 FlyBahia Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Ilirea Midcity Airport
Chan Bay International Airport
C2 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport
C3 BluAir
C4 SkyTrans
C5 Cascadia Airways Ilirea Midcity Airport
Concourse R
R1 South Weast Charter New Bakersville City Airfield
R2 AirMesa Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
R3 AirMesa Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport
Mojang Town Airfield
Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
R4 FlyBahia Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Kantō International Airport
West Mesa International Airport
Airchester Airfield
R5 Spirit Airlines Gemstride Melodia Airfield
R6 BluAir
R7 BluAir
R8 BluAir
R9 MRTHS Air Kantō International Airport
Carnoustie International Airport
R10 FlyMighty Pasadena Airfield
Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Titsensaki Sealerwhale International Airport
R11 FlyMighty Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
R12 FlyMighty Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
R13 Big Rich Air Fort Yaxier International Airport
North Haven Riverside Airfield
Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
R14 Infamous Airlines Tranquil Forest Airfield
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
R15 Infamous Airlines Brooklyn Regional Airport
Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
Schillerton Sayles Hill Airfield
R16 Infamous Airlines Evella Airport
Radiance Square International Airport
R17 Infamous Airlines Grayzen National Airport
Waterville Municipal Airfield
Schiphol International Airport
R18 Infamous Airlines Mason City International Airport
Paixton Regional Airport
Zerez Capital Int. Airfield
R19 Infamous Airlines Leydon International Airport
Washingcube Airfield
R20 Infamous Airlines Werk-En-Rust Airfield
Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Dekuville Harbor Airfield
R21 Infamous Airlines Victoria International Airport
New Gensokyo Regional Airfield
Riverside Airport
R22 Infamous Airlines Segville International
Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
Antioch Regional Airfield
R23 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
San Dzobiak International Airport
R24 BluAir
R25 SkyTrans Kantō Airfield
R26 SkyTrans North Haven Riverside Airfield
R27 SkyTrans West Mesa International Airport
R28 FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport
Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
R29 IntraAir West Mesa International Airport