The Brick House

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The Brick House
The Brick House.png
LocationGames World
Created onDecember 22, 2016
Build time1 hour 30 minutes (approx.)

The Brick House is an AFK Box created by MinecraftYoshi26, hvt2011, Narnia17, and mine_man_. The build is a 1 to 16 scale of a brick house located in the Games World. It was created on December 22, 2016.

It is currently the largest AFK Box on the server.


In Nippia, MinecraftYoshi26, Narnia17, and hvt2011 initially boxed mine_man_ when he was AFK in Nippia.

On December 22, 2016, hvt2011 was AFK boxing mine_man_ at the Pride Wall in Nippia, and Narnia17 was helping box as well. He began boxing him with red stained clay, but shortly thereafter, MinecraftYoshi26 had helped and surprised them by boxing him in with a large cake. He was then sparked with the idea of building a large room made of these large-scale blocks. It began with bricks and grew to bookcases, beds, and chests. mine_man_ came back and helped complete the house.


Located on a wood block inside is a normal size of The Brick House.

The room contains a normal size of the house as well. The house includes bookcases with an enchanting table, a cauldron, a crafting table, a furnace, two chests, a mushroom in a flower pot, a bed, a jukebox, an anvil, a stair (acting as a chair), and a cake. The house features a glass pane window with a white stained glass skylight roof. The house has no light sources.